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*This is a sponsored post with Fairhaven. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.16.01 PMThese days I think back to before having kids and marvel at how much I have learned through the process of becoming a mother. With Hayley, my first, it was the Wild West to me, and I had to learn it all from scratch. I can look back now and laugh at myself, and at some of the things I did, or the useless items that I bought that I thought I needed so badly. Thank goodness I had some friends who already had their firsts, who I could call to ask all of my silly questions! The process is truly bewildering, and one that you have to experience to really learn. Let’s face it, most of the parenting books I read did not help me prepare for the realities of motherhood. I’ll never forget being in the hospital right after giving birth, and my milk coming in and completely soaking through my gown! I had never even heard of nursing pads, and I guess no one thought to warn me that I would need them! It was so embarrassing!yhst-10669596438250_2269_6997472

So now that I’m the mother of three apparently my peers consider me a fertility, pregnancy, and baby expert.  Far from it, but I do have more knowledge now. Of course I’m always happy to share any of the wisdom I’ve gleaned along the way in my ongoing journey of motherhood. The truth is that the tools I have discovered have been key, so when a friend recently confided that she was ready to start trying to have a baby I recommended my go to site for all things baby making.

Fairhaven Health is a great resource. From kits that help you keep track of ovulation cycles, to pre-natal vitamins, to nursing accessories, it helped me access exactly what I needed at the right time. As a working mother I heavily relied on the various Milkies products like their nursing pads (where were they when I had my first baby!?), the Milk-Saver, and Milk Tray, which all really helped me get back to work but continue to nurse a little longer. The great thing about the Fairhaven Health site is the live chat help always available right online to help you figure out exactly what you need, and what is right for you and your baby.breastfeeding-essentials-bundle-91

Fairhaven Health is a trusted source for fertility, pregnancy and nursing products, and can help you find the information, and best natural products that you need as your family grows.

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    We are all done having babies around here. But this is a great one to remember for when friends ask about things they can take to help with nursing.

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    We often hear the importance of prenatal vitamins but not postnatal. When you nurse, your body is still feeding two so good nutrition is important. Nice to see a company is there for that.

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    Thanks for the insightful info! No more babies for me LOL, but my sister-in-law is currently pregnant so I’m forwarding your post to her. Thanks!!

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    Done here too. But my niece is not so I’ll pass this info along to her and anyone else I think might like/need it. It does look like a great product and something that is needed.

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