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Proper hydration is an important part of our overall health, and now that flu season has reared its ugly head, it’s even more important to stay hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated helps your organs working properly, promotes mental acuity, and it keeps the colds at bay! With three kids in the house, I’m NOT a fan of colds. That’s why I was excited to give DripDrop a try.unnamed-4

Staying Hydrated is More Than Drinking Water

Everyone thinks that if they drink enough water, they’ll stay hydrated. While that’s somewhat true, it’s not true hydration. Hydration is having adequate fluids AND adequate electrolytes in our bodies. That’s where DripDrop comes in. DripDrop is an electrolyte powder that you add to your water. It’s safe for children and adults, and it tastes great. That makes it perfect for everyday use as well as for use during sporting events and other strenuous activities. I especially love that it has a great taste, because getting my kids to drink enough water can be difficult to say the least. With DripDrop, I can make sure they stay hydrated, and it’s easy because they think they’re getting something special.unnamed-3

Here are some more tips to stay hydrated.

Water, Water, Water

You should be drinking a minimum of one liter of water everyday. Notice I said minimum. You can never really drink too much water. We lose water through bodily functions, sweat, and even breathing, so the more water you drink the better.

Put Back What you Lose

This related directly to drinking enough water. During hot weather and when you’re involved in sports or other strenuous activities, it’s important to replace the fluids that you’ve lost. This is the time when it’s also especially important to replace the electrolytes that you lost as well. So after a game, a hike, or a workout, make sure you down a bottle of water.

Add Some DripDrop

If you’re trying to stay hydrated, you’re most likely drinking lots of water in a day. Go ahead and add DripDrop to that water and get your fluid and your electrolytes at the same time. It’s a great way to ensure overall health and mind and body function. And hey, you’re already drinking the water, why not make it even better for you?

I had a great experience with DripDrop. I felt better, my kids absolutely loved it, and it felt good knowing that I was doing something great for my and the kids’ bodies. It was also nice to know that I was adding another line of defense to family against colds and the flu!

DripDrop is available in the baby aisle at your local Walgreen’s and CVS pharmacies, so why not head over and snag some for yourself? It’s an easy way to help stay hydrated and improve your health.Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.06.45 PM


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  1. diane says

    My kids would definitely enjoy this much more than water. And staying hydrated is very important when you are sick!

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