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I am a breastfeeding mom. It truly is a journey and commitment. No one tells you what to expect or how demanding it will be on you and your body. I breastfed my first born until she self weaned at 12 months and I am 7 weeks into my breastfeeding journey with my second child.

Thank goodness for breast-pumps! With my first born I had another name brand pump. It was very expensive. Nearly three years ago, insurance companies did not fully cover the cost of pumps. We bought it and it did not work at all for me. I tried and tried, and eventually gave up. Sometimes the pump and I worked together and other times not so much. It was big which didn’t make it super portable, had way too many parts and pieces which make cleaning and care awful, and all that made me give up altogether with pumping.

Pump went into the trash and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

When I was asked to review the Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump, I was pretty skeptical. Another pump…what made this one any different from the first pump I had? I at least would give it a try.

I was sent the Philips Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump for my review. I took it out of the box, was thrilled to see that there weren’t many pieces to assemble, followed the directions for first time sterilization and was ready for my first pumping session. I was ready to pump less than 5 minutes after getting the pump out of the box and assembled. :)

This pump works like a little workhorse. Most importantly, its really comfortable, no pulling and tugging. Its small and lightweight so I can totally pop it into my diaper bag and am good to go. I love this little pump and so glad that I had the chance to review it. My fear of pumps is over and Philips AVENT is the reason why!

Now I can pump and store milk which gives me the freedom to leave my baby in the care of my husband, friend, family, or sitter and not have to worry about her getting hungry.

Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump

  1. Innovative massage cushion and soft silicone petals feel warm and gently stimulate letdown and milk flow.
  2. Inner cushion designed to fit the majority of women comfortably. A larger sized cushion is sold separately.
  3. Compact, lightweight design makes pumping easier and more discreet – especially for working mothers.
  4. Fits all Philips AVENT bottles and storage containers, so there’s never a need to transfer.
  5. Available in manual and electric (single and double).
  6. Electric models feature simple settings including a gentle stimulation mode, and three expression levels (low, medium, or high).

Available: at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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*This review is bought to you by Candice at The New Modern Momma who just had her second baby girl. She received this breast pump in exchange for her honest review.

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    I used an avent breast pump for both of my kids and loved how comfortable it was. Breast feeding was a bit of a feat for me, so it was nice to have a pump that didn’t cause me to feel uncomfortable.

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