Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

It is the weekend time! I am looking forward to it because tonight I am taking Hayley to see the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. It should be so much fun! I hope you all have a great weekend.dentistmelsbbutton-1

As always, come link up any cute or funny post. Feel free to take my button if you like and feel free to share this hop on social media sites. Definitely check out the other posts, as they all provide a great laugh.

My top five laughs:

5. Zane is obsessed with the potty but won’t go on it. He is stubborn. He will tell me he has to go and I sit him on the potty. Five minutes later I ask if he is done and he says “No”. I take him off and then not two seconds later, he pees all over himself! Classic!

4. Hayley told me the other day that my outfit was splendid! I looked at her like she had four heads.

3. Hayley gets excited when we do play dates. We usually do around 3 play dates a week and each time, she tells me the friend we are seeing is her best friend. When I ask her at the end of the week to name her best friend, she gives me a list of at least 10 girls. All friends are called best friends- no matter what!

2. Zane is a talking machine these days. My mom was here and needed me to translate just about everything I said. I turned to her and told her that she really needed to get in touch with a 2 year olds language. They have their own  dialect for everything.

1. Every night, Zane can not go to sleep unless she kisses Hayley. Last night, I forgot to bring Hayley in to kiss him and he screamed until I woke up Hayley to give him a kiss. Sibling love at its finest!

Now your laughs:


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  1. says

    I feel like I’m a constant translator for my daughter too! So funny how when you aren’t around a kid all the time it really is like they are speaking a foreign language, but the parent can understand them just fine. lol.

  2. says

    I can relate to being a translator for a foreign two year old language, it’s something special for sure. My two boys have to kiss each other for naptimes and bedtimes or they can’t sleep. It’s such a pain when we forget but adorable the bond they are forming!

  3. says

    I don’t know how you can do 3 playdates a week! I suffer through one when my daughter’s friend’s parents call but I avoid playdates like the plague.

  4. says

    I love the moments when our kids are so loving with each other. Every night they give each hugs, kisses, and eskimo kisses! They can speak clearly now, but still cannot pronounce their “l’s” properly. For instance, “Like” is “Yike”. I tell my mom not to correct them because they will grow out of it soon enough!

  5. says

    Our kids are the same way. They scream when they can’t be with the other one, it sounds cute but it isn’t always, lol!

    That Beauty and the Beast show sounds awesome, have fun!!

  6. says

    OMG, can I relate to the potty obsession without the potty going! What’s up with that? I try to tell myself that it’s just taking a long time for her to think about it before she dives in, but I’m losing my patience already! :)

  7. says

    It sounds like your daughter is a popular girl with all the “best friends!” That’s so sweet! And thanks for hosting. I always get a chuckle or two out of the posts people post here.

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