I am dreaming of a cleaning lady!

I am completely envious with green when I see a status on facebook that their cleaning lady or man comes to clean the house once a week. We do have a cleaning person, but they come once a month, which is hardly enough! I need someone who will come on a regular basis, but it is very expensive.

Most of the cleaning is done by my husband and I right now. We split up duties on cleaning our house. I am usually in charge of buying the cleaning products and antiseptic, and he is in charge of buying the towels and such, through his office. He buys most of the bulk supplies such as paper towels through his office or through Walmart, depending on the better deal he finds through the week.

As for the  actual cleaning, I take care of mostly the dishes and laundry, and he takes care of the  physical cleaning such as mopping the floors, dusting, and mirror cleaning. He hates doing dishes and I hate mopping, so it is a very good trade-off. We usually allot one morning on the weekend for a few hours before the kids get up, to do our cleaning. It seems to work out well and we have a nice schedule going for us.

However, I am still dreaming of the time when we could get a cleaning lady on a regular basis. Someone who will come and make sure the whole house is tidy, neat, and clean weekly. It is on my wish list to be able to do this, but for now, my husband and I will compromise and clean the house together. We do have fun though doing this chore together- we crank the music and start cleaning!



*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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