My Job Chart- Fantastic tool to motivate kids to do their chores!

Hayley is now almost 4 and I have recently began to express to her the importance of doing small chores such as helping me to clean up her toys or helping me out by getting herself dressed. I knew once she reached a certain age, she was more than capable to help me out with chores around the house as well as chores that pertain to herself. I am not expecting perfection when assigning Hayley small chores but I am showing her lessons on how we all need to pitch in to help one another out. With Zane in the picture, it leaves me less time to clean up after her and I rely on her more to do this. I think at 4, it is important to understand that cleaning up is an important facet of playing. I was wondering what would be the best method to help her understand various jobs and chores. Thankfully, I found out about My Job Chart.

My Job Chart is a free and easy way to use an online chore chart and reward system for teaching your children about organization, responsibility, and motivation. It makes it easy for parents to assign chores and allow them to complete the chores by small incentives- in our case, I like to give Hayley a penny every time she helps me clean up. My Job Chart makes it easy to take care of kids fulfilling their chores by allowing points each time they fulfill a responsibility that is on the chart. They could bank these points for future purchases and put them into a savings account or they can choose to spend the points on a favorite charity  (such as the American Cancer Society) that is connected to My Job Chart. They could also choose to spend their points by setting up family rewards such as spending time going to a concert or movie with mom or dad. Or perhaps they want to buy their favorite toy from their rewards. The results of banking their points from learning how to participate in chores are endless.

My Job Chart facilitates fun, engaging, and hands-on learning for kids on the ABCs of prosperity including saving, sharing and spending. It allows for us to install a good method to teach kids all about responsibility in a fun and easy way. I personally think this is a fantastic way to help children learn the true value of responsibility, compassion, and helping out. There are already almost 260,00 people signed up for My Job Chart and I know that I have already added to this number. Why not give My Job Chart a try- it is free and extremely effective!

MJC for the next 30 days we will donate $1 to that PTO/PTA, Church, Non-Profit or Organization for every one who signs up!

Take a look at this video to learn more about My Job Chart:




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    I’ve heard a lot about this site and hope it stays around when my boy is old enough. Great that they are helping out by donating when people sign up!