Tax Season is finally over!

March and April are stressful months. You are scrambling to fill out your taxes and making sure everything runs smoothly, so you can get your taxes in as efficiently as possible. For my husband and I, we always do our taxes together, as we have our personal taxes, as well as my husbands business taxes. While we do a lot of our taxes ourselves, we do hire an IRS Tax Attorney to make sure everything we are doing, especially when filing my husbands work taxes, are up to code and doing what is best for us from an economoical perspective. I will admit, I am the first to say that having someone help us figure out the tax deductions, estate planning, and tax planning, is hugely beneficial!

When we first started doing our taxes, my husband was extremely adamant about doing the taxes all by himself. He did not want any help with filling out the taxes- especially some person who was outside our family. He quickly came to realize having a tax attorney is hugely beneficial and will ultimately provide us with the best tax returns at the end of the year. I am not sure we will ever do without a tax attorney again!

I have to admit, that I also thoroughly hate doing taxes. I am very good with math, and my dad is a CPA, so I could probably be the natural  one in charge of the taxes. However,  I hate doing all the work that comes along with taxes, so when tax season comes in with a bang, I am heading out the door!

Our tax attorney is truly incredible. He has been with us for over 5 years now and I call him on any problems I have. He readily answers my phone calls and tries to make our return investment fully worth it. He calms my fears when I think we will owe the government money. Lucky for us, this has hardly happen. I feel as if I owe this to my wonderful tax attorney. He feels like part of my family now.

Now, that tax season is done, I am relieved! In your family, who does the taxes? Do you hire someone to help you?


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    I hire someone to do my taxes too!! I think these professional have the knowledge that I am missing!

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    We hire someone to do our taxes because I feel like everything’s too complicated for me. I mean, my life’s already complicated enough so I’ll just ask someone else to handle the tax stress for me. LOL