How many more times can may toilet break?

While we were away on vacation, I got a call from our babysitter that our toilet broke. I practically wanted to freak out because this is the third time this month that the toilet broke. The first two times my daughter ended up clogging the toilet by putting too much toilet paper in, and we could not unclog it. We ended up calling Professional Plumbers to come and take a look. They told us that the toilet bowl most likely would need to be replaced but they would temporarily fix it for us. Low and behold, two months later, it did end up breaking again, just as they said.  We had to resort to buying a new toilet bowl but now, I think we are in the home clear.

While the toilet bowl is fixed, we are now having problems with the leaky faucets. When we first moved in the house, we were told that they just had all the facets fixed, as they had leaking problems as well. It got so bad in the house, that the bathroom facet caused a leak that ended up flooding the bathroom overnight. Lucky for us, we never had that extensive of a problem, however, the facets have started to get leaky again. My husband and I tried tightening them but to no avail, they still leak. It truly is frustrating especially when I hear the pitter-patter of the facet all night long. My husband can sleep through an earthquake but the littlest sounds bother me. I need those facets fixed and I need it done quickly. I guess it is time to call the plumber again!

While I know that appliances break in houses, I just thought we had a few more years before we had to do  complete appliance renovations. It is expensive and I was hoping to hold off. I know the time has come to make some changes though! I can’t go one more day with another broken appliance.

Have you had extensive plumbing issues in your house? Can you relate? Do you have a newer or older house?


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  1. says

    Actually quite happy to be renting again. I hate all the fixing that goes along with owning a home…but sometimes its even harder owning a home we don’t live in.

  2. Amy says

    Thanks for the welcome back.. Oh I have two toilets that just can’t seem to stop running.. Have been fixed twice.. Oh well. Have a great night..

  3. says

    Not fun! We have not had any issues yet with pipes or toilets. Fingers crossed that we don’t! I hate toilet issues!

  4. says

    Ugh! So sorry girl! We have SUCH an old house, hubs’ Grandpa actually built it. When it was first bought from them, the toilet upstairs leaked and we weren’t home, we came home to a waterfall in our basement. It seems like one problem after the next, I can’t wait to move!

  5. says

    Our toilets backed up once when I was 8.5 months pregnant and hubby had a stomach virus. I thought I was going to lose my mind. We called roto-rooter and it turned out we had a root ball in our sewer lines. $75 later our toilets flushed again.

  6. R Hicks says

    Hope it is all fixed now. Sometimes we take the most simple things for granted in life.

  7. Ana Davidson says

    Our pipes leaked too so hubby replaced them with PVC and used some kind of glue on the connecting parts. We still need to get a new toilet though.

  8. courtney b says

    i cant stand a broken toilet, ours breaks ALL the time, and who wants to buy a new toilet? not me!