Stuart Weitzman Toddler Shoe Review!

I am infatuated with shoes. Walk into my closet and you will see just how many pairs of shoes I own! My own obsession with shoes has led me to tremendously over buy shoes for Hayley. She has tons of  shoes that I buy from your everyday shoe to your fancy, special occasion shoe.  I tend to shop all over for her shoes from Target to Bloomingdales and everything in between. My feeling on shoes, is a good pair is warranted every now and then. Yes, they will outgrow their shoes but shoes are such a necessary part of a wardrobe makeup, so why not splurge on a good pair for your children. I tend to buy Hayley some good pairs of shoes every season to go with her vast plethora of outfits.

My recent addiction is to Stuart Weitzman shoes for kids. Yes, Stuart Weitzman makes shoes for the little one… How awesome is that!! I found out that Stuart Weitzman made shoes for the little ones by searching on One day I was ordering a juicy sweatsuit for Hayley, when I came across these shoes. I was instantly in love. Look how adorable they are:

If I could afford it, I would seriously buy one of each. They were all so cute! I decided to try the Stuart Weitzman Chippy Ballet Flats for Hayley:

These adorable shoes are Stuart Weitzman ballet flats boasting a silver toe with a slim bow detail. It also features a back pull tab which allows Hayley to pull off and on her own shoes. Big plus for mommy! These shoes are not your everyday type shoes, but really, would you want to wear Stuart Weitzman shoes to the park. These shoes are for special occasions where you can throw on a fancy dress, and these shoes complete the outfit. Hayley has worn these shoes for Zane’s birthday party, Easter, and to a Broadway shoe, and each time, people have commented how adorable her complete attire including her shoes were.

Every little girl needs a pair of good shoes. Why not try Stuart Weitzman shoes from Bloomingdales for your daughters next fancy pair of shoes? The shoes retail from $24- $84, which in retrospect, is truly affordable for a great pair of shoes! You can buy directly at Bloomingdales or online. Happy Shopping Moms and Dads!



* I received a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes for reviewing purposes. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. says

    Those are some of the cutest little shoes for little girls I’ve seen in a long time! I love them! I’ll have to get a pair (or two, or three) for Elodie!


  2. Kristy says

    Soooo cute! My 3 year old would love the ballet flats that Hayley is wearing! I HAVE to go check them out! Thanks for reviewing these!!

  3. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    These are all so adorable! I especially love the gold ones with roses on them.