Just venting- I had the worst holiday weekend with Zane!

I am usually the most upbeat person when I write. However, there are just times when I need to vent and since this is my blog, I am allowed. I am not one to get all crazy when my kids get sick but when things exacerbate to the point of spending my Passover holiday in the emergency room, I start freaking out.

My story with Zane’s sickness began this past Thursday, April 5. He woke up with a slightly high temperature than his norm- around 101. His usual temperature runs around 100, so I was not really worried. He was his usual self- a happy, go-lucky kid. Then on Friday, when I was at work,  my mom called me that he seemed fine but he was slightly lethargic. I told her just to make sure he sleeps, because he did have a slew of shots and it was probably an after effect of the shots. Again, he was fine. When I came home from work that night, I was getting ready for our Passover seder. We celebrate both Passover and Easter since we are a multi-religious family. Everything was all set for Passover and our friends were coming over. Just when we finished with our seder end of the meal and started on our matzoh ball soup, I notice Zane seemed beat red. He was eating alright but he seemed very red and slightly discombobulated. I immediately took him upstairs and took his temperature. You are not going to believe the temperature I got and no, I am not exaggerating- 106! 

Of course, we called the doctor and they told us to immediately take us the ER. I was beyond exhausted because I worked a full day and knew that  I had to be at work the next day as well. However, it really is not about you when you are a mom- it is always about your children. I am very lucky that when we arrived at Habro Children Hospital, which in my opinion is one of the best hospitals,  as he was taken in without any wait.

They immediately got a team of 5 doctors and 3 nurses in and ran what felt like hours of tests- it was only 2 hours but when your little one is that sick, a minute feels like a day. I am sure you can all relate.  After much time, he was only diagnosed with a bad virus. He had nothing serious but rather the common virus that was going around. I was so relieved- I cried tears of joy.

Over the next three days, I slept with my baby  rocking him in the chair. He slept and I just watched his beautiful face. Although I did not sleep for close to 72 hours (maybe an hour here or there), I really feel like Zane and I bonded. Sad but true- when you have another child, you never really get the one on one time with the younger child. It was a very sad but beautiful moment with him sleeping on my chest. Luckily, today, his temperature was completely back to normal but I will always remember the scare of the Passover/Easter weekend 2012.

Unfortunately, Passover/Easter was a wash out for me. Hayley did get to go to Easter dinner with my husband (I will show some pictures in my wordless wednesday) but Zane never got to enjoy one second of it. Perhaps he is too young but it would have been nice to see my little cutie dressed up in his Easter wear. I did manage to get one picture of him in his pajamas opening up some gifts. This picture was taken when he was about an hour into his tylenol- so his fever was slightly down.


Sorry for my sob story today and I really do hope all my readers had a wonderful Holiday! I look forward to seeing all the Easter pictures.

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  1. says

    Poor Baby!!!! I’m so sorry that your Holiday weekend wasn’t the best but you were able to bond with him and that is very special. I know exactly what you mean when you said, “when your child is sick an hour feels like a day.” Right before Christmas our youngest Levi was in our van and somehow managed to unlock the parental lock and started playing with the automatic door button. I was on the porch and hubby was buckling in the eldest, when we saw how close his hand was to the hinge, 3 seconds was too late. His pointer was cut off right before the first knuckle. You can’t even believe the guilt I felt for taking an extra second. Those 5 hours in the ER felt like an entire month. It’s horrible, but your right it’s not about how tired we are or how exhausted or sometimes even how sick we are, our children come first. Luckily Levi is some kind of amphibian (sarcastically speaking) and his finger actually rejected the re-attachment and grew back! Yup I have a starfish for a kid! I’m glad Zane is feeling better!

  2. says

    Hugs Mama! Next Easter and Passover will be awesome and will hopefully make you remember it better than this one!

  3. says

    I’m glad that he is doing better. I’d be so scared with a temp that high. Rebecca was really off this weekedn too with a double ear infection so our weekend was shot as well. I’m sad that I never colored the eggs with Aiden. They’re cooked in the frig, but they are just sitting there. It is sad that it takes them getting sick to get all the snuggles and alone time again. Rebecca has been a big snuggler these past few days and I really love it. Putting her head on my shoulder and wanting to be rocked to sleep at night. I’ll take it for now, but I also wold rather her be healthy. We’re on a med change now since the amox was not working so hopefully this will work.

  4. Aimee says

    Aw, what an awful weekend! I hate when my little one is sick like that. 106 is scary as heck – not long ago my son had a temp of 107 and I was beyond panicked. I’m so glad kids are resilient! Im glad your Zane is feeling better :)

  5. says

    Poor baby! I’m so sorry this weekend wasn’t a good one. I’m glad he’s getting better though!
    Those high temps are so scary. When Lexie was 1, her temp went up to 105.3. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that number! My pediatrician assured me that high temps are normal in kids, but still…so scary!

  6. says

    Oh, I’m so sorry!! You deserve the right to vent every once in a while :) Children kick your ass lol. And I only have 1!

  7. says

    Oh, poor guy! I’m so glad he is feeling better, and there is always next year for him to celebrate. :) You’re such a great mom!

  8. says

    1st and most important – I’m SO glad the little man is feeling better and it was nothing serious!!! Whew! They always give us a good scare now and then to make sure we’re paying attention, I’m convinced of it ;)
    2nd – It’s SO awesome to hear someone still doing Passover Seder! I think it’s so important to establish the ‘traditions’… even if not solely for the religious aspects… the traditions and memories are so important!
    3rd – I used to pretend sick EVERY Passover so I didn’t have to eat the horseradish.. my mother only told me after I had my own children she knew I was always faking.
    Traditions & Memories… ;)

  9. says

    So glad he is feeling better! When my youngest son was little, we had to spend 48 hours in the hospital as well because of high temp. They wanted to rule out anything more dangerous. It is hard to see them sick, but I did love the bonding time I had with him all to myself!

  10. trisha says

    We missed you very much on Easter, but you were in our thoughts all day. I am so glad he is feeling better and we love him very much. Hope to see you soon. XOXOXOX..

  11. says

    Oh do I know your pain of a horrible Easter! Right after Easter my boyfriend and I caught the stomach flu and spent all day in the bathroom. I had to pull it together for my son, who only got sick once in the morning. During that the time he threw up which was only about 5 minutes I never felt so horrible in my life. I cried telling him how sorry I was but thankfully together we are all better! Happy to hear he’s feeling better and you two had some quality time.

  12. Celebrate Woman says

    So scary to have your baby with a huge fever like that. I had one, but not to 106F. So happy you’re back to normal!
    Easter comes and goes. But your baby’s health is your prime care. Don’t worry, you’re celebrating the most precious moment in time – your Baby Boy!

  13. says

    So sorry. :( We actually had a rough weekend too. My father-in-law ended up in the hospital having to have a stint put in his major artery! He developed an aneurysm (sp?) where they inserted the stint and almost bled to death. Scary weekend for us and very tiring. I spent the day running to the hospital and back so family members there could enjoy our Easter meal.

  14. says

    That poor little muffin. No one that cute should ever get sick. Ugh, I hate it when the little ones are sick. SO glad he is feeling better! Now, go get some rest!

  15. says

    Awww poor Zane! I would have been so scared seeing that temperature. I’m glad he is ok and hope he’s feeling much better and you get some much needed rest.

  16. amy v says

    You go and vent!!! I totally relate- my 14 mo old was sick with a stinking virus too…high fever (although not THAT high!!!yikes, that’s super scary!) and we missed Easter church service and out traditional brunch with my whole family. He’s doing better-not 100% but better.

  17. says

    So glad he is feeling better now. I know it stinks when the unexpected happens, especially on special occasions.

  18. says

    Aw, my heart goes out to you and Zane – so scary! Though I can relate to basking in that rare quiet snuggle time when they’re sick; of course you’d never wish that on them, but there’s no harm in finding a little silver lining, is there?!?!?

  19. says

    How scary! I am sorry it was such a rough Passover/Easter holiday for you, but I am so happy to hear Zane is okay and is getting better! Hugs to you! There really is nothing worse than when our babies get sick!

  20. says

    Hi Melissa,
    I am so relieved to read that Zane is fine again. It must have been so scary. He looks so cute in the picture despite his health problems. I hope he will be hale and hearty soon. Take care and my best wishes to you and your wonderful family.

  21. says

    Im so sorry you had to miss out on the fun holiday stuff….glad he is feeling better! At least you got some bonding time

  22. says

    Oh Mama! I am so glad he’s better!! What a horrible way to spend a holiday weekend. Nothing is worse than having a sick little one. I am glad that you were able to get some snuggles, they are few and far between at that age.

  23. Jessica says

    Omg! I am so sorry:(( glad Zane is feeling better. I would be freaking out too if one of my boys had a temp of 106…scary!!! Hope you get to catch up on your sleep.

  24. maria says

    i’m just SO SO sorry, melissa. please, no apologies…of course you were upset and scared. sometimes it is such therapy to have this outlet to write and let everything out. i’m just so happy he’s okay. i’m sure it was such a bittersweet feeling to be able to rock him every night and bond so closely with him. you deserve a day of sleep and a day at the spa!! it’s too bad we don’t live closer, bc i’ve could use one too ;)
    thinking of you and sending so much love <3

  25. says

    OMG, girl! I can’t believe that! I just got knots in my stomach thinking about it. Poor Zane! Poor you! I am glad that it was nothing serious and that he is feeling better. Sorry that you spent Passover/Easter that way :( You need a mani/pedi/wine day :)

  26. says

    Oh no poor little man!! I know I am a bit late, but I really hope he is feeling 100% better!! He is such a darling little boy, I just love seeing his pictures :)
    So sorry to hear that you never got to enjoy Easter, and that you ran on very little sleep. I am glad however, that it was just a virus, although a nasty one by the sounds of it! It’s not nice seeing them so unwell.
    Maybe this weekend you guys could do something fun to make up for it! I hope he enjoyed his little gifts xoxo

  27. says

    oh sister….we were living parallel lives! Except my 7 year old son had a fever just slightly over 103. but it stayed up there for days – that’s what scared me. we had to keep him continually medicated to keep the fever down around 100. He looked so sick…and scared to death. he remained on the couch for 4 days. didn’t eat, except the popsicles I force fed him.
    but I also had his 2 younger sisters who were both sick as well – although not quite as bad. But the 3 of them kept me hopping the entire Easter weekend. We never did get to any church services – the girls never did wear those special new dresses. they did rally for an egg hunt, but no one ate any candy!
    and my hubby? On the night shift, so he either was working or sleeping the entire time! ugh.

  28. Tiffany @ Home Grown Families says

    Awww!!! Sorry about the baby and your weekend!! Don’t worry about the long term effects~ he’s too young to remember his missed Easter/Passover! :)
    I hoe he feels a million times better now!!

  29. says

    It is so hard when our kids get sick. I spent 5 hours on Christmas day at Hasbro with my youngest, so I feel for you. Hope everyone is back to good and you are getting some rest. You are like superowman, superwoman in scrubs at Carrabas! lol

  30. Carissa says

    So sorry he was sick, but I’m glad you got to bond with him and now he feels better. There’s nothing sweeter than a baby sleeping on your chest, especially when they need you! Hope this week has been better!

  31. Cindy B says

    Wow that is a rough holiday. 106 degree fever is nothing to play around with. Glad he’s alright in spite of the ruined weekend.