Gutzy Gear Party Favors!

I am always on the hunt for some party favors for the older kids when I have birthday parties. I want to keep up with the times and the newest fads, so that the older kids will not be bored out of their mind when they receive the same coloring pads that the one year olds receive. After doing some researching, I have found the hottest new fad- Gutzy Gear. Have you heard about it yet? If not, time to get onboard!

Gutzy Gear include Gutzy straps and Gutzies to customize your child’s backpack. The way it works is your child can attach their gutzy straps to their backpacks by attaching the  velcro straps around the normal straps that the backpack comes with. Then they can add their own gutzies which are cute velcro accessories that are added directly to the gutzy straps. They can then be changed around as your child would like. They come in a variety of themes and can be easily traded with friends. Some of the various gutzies include ice cream cones, funky monkeys, piece signs, bubblegum machines, sculls, hamburger bites, and many more. When you purchase the Gutzy gear package, it will include two Gutzy straps as well as two surprise gutzies. You can then purchase more gutzies for your children so they can keep changing them to express their moods of the day. The best part is the Gutzies have heavy duty velcro lining so they will never fall off of the straps even if they “rough play” with their friends.

I think the concept is ingenious. It adds excitement to the regular, boring backpack straps. It make your child look hip with the times and will be fun for your child to express themselves by selecting their own Gutzies. When we purchased the Gutzies, Hayley picked out which ones she wanted to put on her backpack. I think she did a great job. We also went out to buy a few more Gutzies so she can have a rotation of her favorites at all time on her backpack.

For Zane’s birthday party, we gave out Gutzy gear as the party favors to the older kids. To say that loved it, was an understatement. One mom called me and told me that her son loved it so much, they had to go out the next day and buy more Gutzy gear. I was so happy to hear! It was the perfect party favors.



Be sure to check out Gutzy gear available at your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond! Happy Shopping!



*Thanks to Gutzy Gear and Mom Select for giving us these awesome party favors. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    What a great idea for school-age children! Not only can they be creative, but it’s so much better than candy.

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    And they’re probably more comfortable than the plain old backpack straps, too. Ugh. I hate how they dig into your shoulders.