Totsy Review: Come shop for your kids!

Have you heard about Totsy before? If not, I think I can get you to change your mind because the site is incredible for those looking to do some good shopping for your  kids. Totsy is a private sales site dedicated for moms out there who love to do their shopping online, without leaving the comforts of your home. Totsy brings you all the hottest brands to members at 90% off. I know for one, I love finding a good bargain without compromising the quality of what I end up buying. With Totsy, I never have to worry about this- their clothes are not only cute, but they are actual brands that will cost you 90% less than when you buy the same brand, in-store.

Some of the products included at Totsy are kids clothes 0-8, prenatal care products,  baby gear, travel accessories, toys,  bedding/bath, and much more. I have even see some of the cutest clothes for us moms out there on their site. The way it works, is their membership is by invitation or request only. However, the sooner you join, the better. Once you are a member, they will begin to send you all the emails about the sales going on. You can then check it out and start to shop. Be quick, because the sales usually only last 24-48  hours. You will also see on the site, all the future sales, so if you see something you like, be sure to bookmark it to check back.  For me, I love getting the Totsy emails. I instantly go to the site and love seeing all the amazing deals! Sometimes, it really is hard to resist, when I see such phenomenal prices. I have raved to all my friends about this site, so I figured the next step is to tell my readers about my new find,

So, what are some of them items that are on my shopping list.  I had to get Hayley and Zane these outfits for the summer from The Princess Linens. I just love that they match perfectly together for some adorable summer outfits.

I also love this Heart Bandana Dress Olive from Little Abbey. It would be a perfect dress for Hayley to wear in the next coming months.

I can go on and on about their adorable clothes, but I think you get the point, that I love Totsy!  They will also donate one tree in your child’s name when you make the first purchase. Then every time, you make a purchase, they will keep it watered for you!  Be sure to check out Totsy and let me know what you think.

* I have received compensation in Totsy credits. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    To me there is nothing as adorable on a boy as THAT color blue!! Seriously gorgeous clothes!

  2. My SoCal Life says

    I've heard of totsy but never really checked them out. these outfits are adorable! off to see more of what they have!

  3. Lilac City Momma says

    Although I haven't purchased anything from Totsy yet, I do check out their deals from time to time.