Wordless Wednesday:Christmas/Chanukah is almost here

Sorry, I can’t seem to make these posts wordless so I hope you will understand:)

Anyway, we celebrate  both Christmas and Chanukah. Aren’t we lucky!  My house is so funny because we have the Christmas tree and the menorah in the same room. One picture frame says “Baby’s First Chanukah” and right next to it is “Baby’s First Christmas”. I love it!! 

Anyway, we began our decorating this past weekend. Here is our fake tree- hopefully next year we will get a nice smelling tree.

Here is the beginning of Hayley/Zane Holiday gifts- Yes, I am crazy and do one gift a day for Chanukah and a ton of Christmas gifts. We also donate some of the gifts she gets every year too. Hayley loves taking them to needy children and it is a great tradition we started.

On Christmas, we tend to dress low key. This year my kids will be wearing these adorable Holiday matching sets from: TeesByThree. This adorable etsy shop has it all for your kids Holiday dressing.  Sandy, the owner, is one of the pleasurable people to work with. She loves to do monogrammed clothing for all your kids needs.  She can do anything you ask! She does monogrammed infant onesies, baby boy tie onesies, customized birthday shirts, rockstar onesies, and incredible headbands just to name a few. 

We decided to go with the Christmas theme with an H for Hayley and a tie onesie for Zane in matching Christmas colors. She also made an adorable matching headband for Hayley. Her clothing is extremely soft and each shirt is made with love. She can work with basically anything you need for your kids.  If you ask, I am sure she can do it! For a select time, she is offering a 10% off entire purchase using BLOG10. Make sure you order because her deal will go away 12/31. Click here: TeesByThree.

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  1. Candice says

    Decorations look great and so do H and Z! Going to check out that Etsy shop. This mama LOVES Etsy! :)

  2. Judy Haughton-James says

    Beautiful pictures as always Melissa. Your children are so lovely and I also like your decorations. Take care and all the best to you and your wonderful family.

  3. OverMom says

    Cute shirts! I love that you celebrate both.

    We also are big with donating gifts for Christmas. I started when Dom was little. We would adopt a child/family or buy gifts for toys for tots. Dom is great with giving. (My MIL is laid off and he told her not to get him anything this year, so sweet! Same with my sister who never gets 40 hours a week)

  4. Sarah says

    Your babies are so sweet! I love their dark hair. I was convinced that Wyatt would have hair like Zane. No such luck!

  5. Jamie L. says

    and I thought I was bad with the christmas gifts!! LOL. I always go overboard. Very cute shirts…

  6. Sheri says

    Oh my, Melissa, the smiles are your babies is enough to make any day brighter! Love that they match too! Am also in love with your brick wall/fireplace, gorgeous! Great that you are giving the kids both foundations to work on this time of the year. So neat!

  7. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    I want to be one of your kids!! I love that you donate some of the toys, what a wonderful thing to teach them at a young age. We dress low key for some of our events too, I really like those outfits! Zane is SO cute in those pics, what personality he has!!

  8. Jen + Jeff says

    Great shirts! I was thinking pjs and slippers all day on Christmas, but I'm sure my guests would be embarrassed for me:)

  9. Rachel says

    Oh my goodness – your kids are ADORABLE! I love their coordinating outfits – and it looks like they do too!

  10. Amy says

    I think it is sooo great that you celebrate both holidays with your kids & that they donate gifts to those in need. I would love to start some type of tradition like that when V gets a little older (or maybe sooner) OOoh my, that piano is adorable! Zane's smile, priceless!

  11. Camille says

    i think i am going to spoil moo rotten when she gets older…i will have to control my spending. haha.

    how cute are they in those outfits?! so much hair!! ;)


  12. Samantha says

    I think that it is AWESOME that you celebrate both! And those outfits, I just love them. I am dressing Gwen up in a dress for Christmas Eve {Church and Dinner} and then going low key for Christmas Day too. {Need to be comfy to play with all of those toys!!}

  13. Kass says

    LOVE IT!!! Yeah the two holiday bit can hit the wallet pretty hard and no matter how hard you try to only buy a few things it ends up getting out of control. I though we would luck out this year since they over lap. Great! We only have to give presents once this year! Well now we are celebrating Hanukkah a week later when Seth's sister comes in from Ohio. Oh well. I ended up getting one of Rebecca's present with Pamper's points and a bunch of Cars toys from Marshall's when I had to return Rosh Hashanah outfits that didn't get worn. Either way I still can't wait for the day when they see everything under the tree.

  14. Athomewithabby says

    WOW! That's a lot of wrapping you have to do! I love that you donate every year! Super cute outfits! Stopping in from MBS for WW!

  15. Sarah @ It's a Vol says

    Cute cute! I love that y'all have blended your two faiths and celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah!

  16. Maria says

    I love it – so neat that you celebrate Christmas and Chanukah together!! I too find it sooo hard to do Wordless Wednesday posts…hard to keep my big mouth shut! Lol
    Awesome that Hayley donates some of her presents too!

    That's such a sweet and generous idea!
    Their outfits are super adorable as always!! Zane's shirt is too stinkin' cute and I love the way you have Hayley's headband!!
    Looks like you're definitely in the holiday spirit! :)
    Have a happy day!!

  17. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Girl, that's a ton of presents! I love that you donate some of them. What a great thing to teach your kids while they're young. :)

  18. pamelazimmer says

    What cute outfits! I grew up in a house celebrating Christmas and Chanukah too! We never got a ton of gifts, but we had the menorah next to the tree…
    Stopping by from MBS. :)

  19. euregirlsandboys says

    I absolutely love those outfits – may have to check it out! Your decorations look great – I bet your kids are going to have some very happy holidays :)

  20. Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! says

    That's great that you celebrate both!
    And by the way, I can never be wordless, either. ;)

  21. Shelley says

    I love that you have them donate. That's a great way to teach them to be selfless and serve!

  22. Natalie says

    Look at those crazy kids! Love your tree! It's definitely a busy season for your family LOL!

  23. Kenya G. Johnson says

    Awww the kids look so cute. You are on it! I just bought my son's stuff today and they are all in the trunk. I'll have to get them wrapped before Christmas break starts!

  24. Katy says

    Bless your heart! I have a hard time decorating for one holiday much less trying to decorate for two. You go girl!

  25. Carolyn G says

    Gorgeous babies! We have a fake tree and it is so much easier. We buy a wreath and garland for the smell!

  26. Lynsey @MoscatoMom says

    I think it is terrific that you celebrate both. And I LOVE those outfits!! So very cute!

  27. Texas Type A Mom says

    You're doing so much better than I am. Most of my shopping is done but nothing is wrapped. Everything looks so pretty at your house!