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Before I begin this post, I want to wish a very Happy Sixth Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life! Tomorrow, 12-17, is our anniversary and I am very grateful to have found such an amazing husband and father to Zane/Hayley. So if you are reading, I LOVE YOU!


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5. I am deathly afraid of flying. My parents decided to take us all on a Meditterean cruise a few years back. Since it was such a long trip, I decided to take a half of valium. I noticed it was doing nothing to me, so Greg said why don’t you take the other half. Well I did and then proceeded to nod off. When I finally woke up (or thought I woke up), we were back in Boston. My husband turns to me and says, “How did you like the Eiffel tower.” I turned to him and laughed, “What are you talking about.” Apparently, we had a 8-hour layover in Paris and we did some sightseeing and ate crepes. I HAD NO RECOLLECTION!! To this day, I still have no memory of this. I live through the pictures my husband showed me. While this is hysterical, it   makes me sad because this was my first and only time in Paris!

4. Greg gave me a Chia Pet for Christmas for Christmas in 2009. It was a gag gift and I basically opened it and left it in our drawer all year. Christmas 2010 rolls in and I end up opening another Chia Pet. I totally forgot he got me one from the year before and thanked him. Then he looked at me and said, “You don’t remember this-do you?” He took the Chia Pet from the drawer and rewrapped it. He told me figures you wouldn’t remember it because it was collecting dust for a year. It was hysterical.

3. I told my husband I wanted a “push”  gift for Hayley. I asked him a few years back before I had Hayley for an elliptical. He always told me that I belonged to a gym and I didn’t need one. When he asked me what I wanted for a push gift, I told him I wanted another ring. An eternity band to be exact. Well, my “push” gift showed up a few weeks after Hayley was born. A brand new elliptical machine. I hadn’t mentioned it in over 3 years so I am pretty sure this had to do with my figure after delivering Hayley. He really saved that gift for when it would come in useful!

2. Not funny, but my push gift for Zane: a diamond eternity band. No pushing involved as it was a c-section but I was blown away. 

1. MUST READ: My engagement story! I had the world’s WORST engagement story. My husband is usually romantic but this takes the cake for the least romantic story. It was a Sunday night and his beloved New England Patriots’ game was on. They were playing in some important game and we were both watching. I like the Patriots but not like him. Anyway, I went to the bathroom and when I came back he gave me my stocking to open (it was a week before Christmas). I open it to find all these fantastic chocolates. I thanked him and then he says there is one more gift. I feel a box on the bottom of the stocking and I had an idea that this could be the ring. So, he pulls out the box. He is getting ready to open it and I kindly ask him to shut off the Patriots game if he was going to propose. Well, instead of turning it off, he MUTES it and asks me to marry him in the last 5 minutes of this important game. Half of his speech (mind you, he was not on his knees) was simultaneously said while peering at the game. I got the ring and was so excited that I called my family/friends. He continues to watch the game and I ask him if he was going to call people. He tells me the post-game show was on. He would call tomorrow. I win for the most unromantic proposal!! 

He has definitely made up for it though!!! I couldn’t be happier with the most perfect man!

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  1. Mama Luvs Books says

    Happy Anniversary!!! Cute stories! Can't believe you don't remember Paris. And the Patriots game story cracks me up!

  2. Jamie L. says

    LMAO @ #5!! I can't wait to go to Paris.

    LOL @ #1. My husband didn't even propose. We just decided to get married. I think I have you beat ;)

    Now I need to go do my post…

  3. Lacey says

    Happy Anniversary! Tomorrow is the anniversary of when my husband proposed to me (a million years ago) and I have a post all about it scheduled for tomorrow morning. His proposal was no where near as interesting as your husband's was though. LOL

  4. brit says

    I love that you did top laughs through the years, how sweet! I'll be linking up again tomorrow after my 2 week break. =)

  5. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    Happy Anniversary!! Great post, I read Ryan the one about the chia pet – he sounds like he has a great sense of humor!! I love the Paris story and the engagement – priceless. What a fun spin on the laughs for the week :) I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow!

  6. Candice says

    Happy anniversary! Wishing you many many ore years of love and happiness. And thanks for the laughs this evening…loved 5 and 1 :)

  7. Summer Davis says

    SUPER cute post about you and your hubby. My hubby proposed on the jumbotron at a Basketball game. It was my ideal proposal. :) Happiest of happy anniversaries!

  8. Kecia says

    Happy anniversary! Such funny stories…especially the proposal. Also, not remembering Paris would really make me mad, so much that I would HAVE to go back! :)

  9. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    A huge Happy Anniversary to you!

    Oh that stinks about Paris. It's kind of funny, but I'd be so mad I didn't remember!

  10. OverMom says

    Oh um….my parents got engaged that way too! My Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch watching football. No ring involved. My Dad turns to my Mom and says "hey wanna get married?" My Moms reply "Sure, why not!" Bwahaha
    But my Dad did get my Mom a ring for their 23 wedding anniversary. Took her on a mini vacation and gave it to her. So in his old age, he learned to be romantic.
    Love these laughs! I may steel this idea ;)

  11. OverMom says

    Happy Anniversary! May you have many more years of happiness. (unsure how my first paragraph got deleted but I blame the ankle bitters in my house!)

  12. Jamie says

    Hahahaha at the proposal story – I just told Hubs because he doesn't like the way he proposed and he got a kick out of it.


    I've never heard of a Push Gift and now I feel jipped! Another thing Hubs is going to hear about lol.

    I just linked up <3 thanks for hosting!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  13. Samantha says

    Happy Anniversary!!! These are hysterical! Holy Valium! I can't believe that you were totally functioning and don't remember a thing. That's crazy.

    And how funny that he proposed during a football game. I didn't think men could think about anything else when it's on :)

    P.S. I hope you don't mind, but I am linking up my theif confession :)

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Venassa says

    Haha I love your proposal. I probably would've yelled at him to either shut the game off or do it later, which would've been even more unromantic, I think.

  15. Maria says

    Happy Anniversary to you and Greg!!!!!!! I hope that you both have a beautiful and romantic one!
    Omygoodness, I was laughing out loud @ your proposal!! Like, cracking up!! I love it!! I read it to Steve and he was all smiles and replied (with a big smirk) "That's fantastic!" Trust me, I can completely understand the Mr's love for sports. I joke with Steve that I could walk by him completely naked while he's watching the Yankees and he would just tell me to get out of the way! Ohhh, men!
    You have yourself a wonderfu hubby, Melissa! And I wish you many many more years of happiness!!
    I was lol @ your chia pet and valium story! Sooo funny!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lots and lots of love!

  16. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thanks so much everyone!!! Thanks so much for commenting and for those who linked up- I can't wait to read them all. Off to our anniversary dinner!

  17. MamaPhan says

    Oh, my gosh that is a crazy proposal story! Totally sounds like something M would do (only during a Phillies game!).