Review: Rocketfish Advanced Series IPAD stand; Rocketfish PadPivot

I recently got the chance to test out the Rocketfish iPad Stand. As many of you know, I am slightly addicted to my iPad. However, I always fine it a pain to put the iPad on my lap when browsing through the internet or reading a book. The iPad ends up getting lost in the shuffle of papers on my desk or underneath the laundry pile on the floor. I no longer have this problem with the Rocketfish iPad Stand.  This simple gadget looks like this:

When I first got the Rocketfish iPad Stand, the assembly took me all of two seconds. When opening the package, I found two large pieces- the base and the neck unit. The neck unit slid over the base and the stand was done being assembled. It is one of the easiest units to assemble.  I keep it in my kitchen and put my iPad on it every night. I am also able to charge my iPad in the outlet while using the Rocketfish stand. It truly is a fabulous product.

You can purchase this stand for the fabulous price of $39.99 at Best buy.  For anyone who has an iPad, whether it is an iPad 1 or 2, this would be make a terrific and extremely practical gift!

The other product Best buy gave me the chance to test out is Rocketfish PadPivot.  This unit seen below is the ultimate lap and desk stand for your iPad, tablets, and e-readers. It is the most versatile, innovative tablet, and unique stand I have ever seen. 

When I received the box, it came with very easy instructions to assemble the unit. 

When I finished assembling the unit and put the iPad on, this what it looks like:

I love the fact that I could sit and read my e-book on my lap without having to hold it. It is also awesome to browse the Internet on your iPad while you dock it in your PadPivot.  I also love that you can bring the PadPivot with you and it is extremely adaptable to different situations. All you do is throw the PadPivot in your bag with you ( it weighs next to nothing) and then when you are ready to use it, you unscrew the back and put your iPad in it. While it is somewhat of a small hassle to remove a piece to insert the iPad, this is such a small price to pay for the amazing versatility that this unit has to offer. 

The PadPivot can be used not only with the iPad but is compatible with Kindle, Nook, and even the iPhone.  It would make a great stocking stuffer for all those technological savvy people in your life who uses these main stream devices on an everyday basis. 

If you are interested in buying the PadPivot, you can do it here: Best Buy.

Happy browsing!

* I received both of these products from Best Buy complementary for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources

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  1. Tiffany C. says

    This would be really cool if I had an iPad. I figure it's only a matter of time before I get one though.

  2. Snozberryz says

    Oh I love the hands free… esp when I need a recipe online, you could just set it up and go!

  3. Jenn/Organic Mama says

    That looks so cool ~ like most others, I now too need an iPad!

    {I bet my husband would LOVE to see this comment, hehe!}

  4. Danielle @ "We Have It All" says

    Good to know, we are contemplating an iPad, so I will remember this for sure.

  5. Janet K says

    I just got a new tablet and realized quickly that I could use something like this…thanks for telling us about it!! I could definitely use more reviews on electronics and accessories…now that I'm trying to be more tech savvy!!

  6. Sarah @ Minnesota Mama's Must Haves says

    So cool! Now I just need an iPad so I will have a reason to buy this! Maybe Santa will bring me one!

  7. Maria says

    steve loves gadgets like this and always stocks up whenever he finds them.
    so glad it came in handy for you!!
    i'm always on my netbook and annoyed with how hot it gets on my lap. i always have to prop it up on a pillow!

    great review as always, melissa!
    maria <3