KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity seat review for the young ones!

With two kids, I have a hard time finding something to use when I need to keep one contained. For example, when I bring Hayley to dance I get tired of holding Zane and don’t want him crawling on the dirty floors. I would love to be able to put him in a seat and know he is able to be entertained. Well, I found the solution: KidCo Go-Pod. It is truly an ingenious product!

The KidCo Go-Pod Portable Activity seat looks like an activity center or a jumperoo that you use at your house. However, it is even better!  The whole concept behind the KidCo is to be able to bring that activity center with you wherever you go as well as in your confines of your home. The The Go-Pod is an ultralight portable activity seat that is used as an alternative to the bulky activity centers that are found in most homes. You can fold it up in one simple step and you can set it up in every area of your room. I take it with me when I shower and I need a place to keep him safe. I use it in the dining room when we are eating.   I love how portable it is!  I must add that they put in a cup holder where you can put kids sippys as well as snacks in the containers attached to the Go-Pod.

I have learned to take my KidCo Go-Pod wherever I go. I take it to every outing where I need to keep Zane contained. I take it with me when Hayley has ski, swim, and ballet classes. Zane sits perfectly in it for an hour and LOVES it. Every time I take it out, most moms are always asking, “Where do you get it?” or “That is the best invention.” They are correct – it really is the best invention for those moms that need to have a portable activity center.

For those with small living quarters, you must check out the Go-Pod. It is not bulky at all and will fit in all living spaces. Even if you have a lot of room in your house, it is truly remarkable to be able to move this activity center from room to room. I use it multiple times a day and on all our outings. It folds up and stores is a handy carrying bag that you can carry over your shoulders. It is so lightweight so it will not be a burden at all. You can use it inside or outside.

I am raving about this product because it really is phenomenal. I plan to buy another one so I can keep it at Hayley’s grandparent’s house for their use. I have provided some pictures of our Christmas when we used the Go-Pod all night. 

For those interested in purchasing the KidCo Go-Pod, you can click here to see where their products are supplied: KidCo. I have browsed and saw that Amazon sells it for $49.99: Amazon. You can also purchase it at Toy R’ Us, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Buy Buy Baby, and One Step Ahead.

I am very lucky that KidCo has offered one of my readers their own Go-Pod. This giveaway will be one of the 5 giveaways (1 each week) for Zane’s first birthday bash starting the end of February.  More details to follow but those with young kids, this will be a great giveaway series. …Stay tuned….

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  1. Mom Does Reviews says

    Great review. I wish they had something like that when my son was little. They always come up with cool stuff after your kids outgrown them:)
    Happy New Year. shared:)

  2. Retail Therapy Lounge says

    oh wow-i wish I had this a few years ago! That exersaucer would not go thru doorways very well, this would have been great!

  3. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    What a great idea!! Can't believe its so simple and compact. Bet your child likes this a lot better than a high chair! My kids had walkers (which I think are illegal now) which are a similar concept…they loved them.

  4. Admin says

    Honestly if I still had little ones I would be on the way to the store RIGHT NOW! This is a really really good idea!
    Marie from howard house

  5. Kaylene says

    I'm so excited for this to be part of your giveaways! We have one and it's so true…everyone always tells me how awesome it is and that they wish they had something like that when their kids were young!

  6. Sheri Carpenter says

    I wish they would have had those instead of walkers when my kids were babies – that looks really cool!

  7. Tethered Mommy says

    Wow – this is awesome! Not only is ultra-light and portable but it is also well-priced! I will be trying to win this for my SIL who just had her second. :)

  8. Candice says

    I would have totally loved this when G was smaller! I will keep this in mind for baby #2! :) What a great idea!

  9. kewkew says

    Looks like a great product. I love the walker we have for around the house, but I love that this is portable. Thanks for sharing.

  10. royalegacy says

    This is a totally great idea! I wish I would have had one of these when my kids were young. Well, I will just have to get one when I become a grandma.

  11. Rob says

    That is really cool. It folds up just like a chair would making it super portable. Wish that was available when my kids were younger.

  12. Jeremy, Censie and Jude says

    Wow! I wish we would have known about this thing last summer!! when we went camping!! Great idea for the next one! ;)

  13. Kay M says

    That's it? Only $50?! Fantastic! I have to get one for my great grandson! I wish we'd had these around when my kids were little!

  14. Coupon Queen says

    We just got back from vacation so I am getting caught up on my visiting. I love this little invention, I have a niece who is expecting and this would be a GREAT gift for her. Thank you so much for sharing it, I know a lot of moms can really use something like this. Happy New Year to you!! :)

  15. Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle says

    That is so neat! I'm going to show my friend who is having a baby in January – I would have LOVED that for my boys!!

  16. Maria says

    that is such an awesome find!! cup holders too?! awesome! i will remember this for my Mama friends! zane is of course, adorable hanging out in it!!
    maria <3

  17. Janet says

    What a great idea!! I always wished I had our exersaucer when traveling…I will definitely need this for baby #2!!

  18. Kelly-Marie says

    omg that looks so funny, never seen those before! perfect for when trying to get ready in the morning x

  19. Tracy says

    This looks fantastic! If only something like this had been around when my daughter was that young…

  20. Gail Gray says

    My daughter and I both bought the bigger activity centers and they're great. BUT… when the baby outgrows them, that's a lot of storage space. This sounds like it would have been a good option for my house, since I only have the baby here a day or two a week. On the other hand, I like the sturdiness of the full-size units, too.