Halloween 2011- I know I am late on posting but better late than never!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday since I was a child. I used to love getting dressed up and going trick or treating till the final moment that I was going to collapse from exhaustion. So, when I had my kids, I knew that Halloween would be a big deal in our family. Every year, I start thinking about what the kids will wear in July. Yes, I am crazy but it has to be perfect.

Well, this year, I didn’t have to think twice what the kids would wear. When I mentioned to Hayley what she wanted to be, without hesitation, she screamed SMURFETTE! I thought to myself this could work as I can dress Zane as Papa Smurf. He has a big belly to begin with, so the costume would fit him true to form.

So off they went as Papa Smurf and Smurfette! They had a blast.  Zane lasted only an hour because it was extremely cold. So I dropped him off with my husband at home and they answered the door to all the trick or treaters. Meanwhile, Hayley and I continued our trick or treating adventures till 8:30 pm. Both of us were tuckered out and had a sugar high when we came back. It was a fantastic night!

                                                                My mother in law made these!

                                                My husband did a fantastic job on the carving!

Now that Halloween is ended, we are looking forward to the next few holidays – Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas. As I am writing this post, Hayley is watching her favorite Caillou’s Holiday Favorite 3-pack DVD set. These DVDs are awesome and include the Winter Wonders, Holidays, and World of Wonder DVD’s. These 3 DVDs are over 3 hours of Caillou fun and would be a wonderful addition to your children’s holiday gifts. Hayley was already a huge Caillou fan and these DVDs brought Hayley to have even further Caillou obsession!  If you are interested in purchasing them, the whole 3-pack of DVDs can be bought for $19.99 at Pbskids.org.

*I received the Calliou DVD Holiday Favorites to review. All my opinions are my own and now swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Judy Haughton-James says

    These pictures are beautiful. The children look so cute in their costumes. I can see that you all had a whale of a time. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  2. Samantha says

    OMG!! Seriously, could your kiddos get ANY cuter?!?! I loooove the costumes, we were totally looking at those for next year!!! Glad you had a great Halloween :)

  3. Liz {Learning To Juggle} says

    so cute!! I love the papa smurf/smurfette costumes!!

    I still don't have my halloween post up!! I forgot my camera so I have to reshoot ;)

  4. Kim says

    Their costumes turned out SO CUTE!! I love Zane's beard and Hayley's hat! Your husband did a great job on the pumpkin! We did Disney characters too, ours were Mickey and Minnie Mouse :)

  5. Our Little Fam says

    how cute!! sounds like a fun Halloween! Man, those cupcakes are so cute and look yummy!

  6. Sherry atSAFP says

    Halloween is one of my fav as well! Both my Children ♥ Caillou!…..Over from Monday Mingle, followed on GFC as well as "liked" on Facebook, from my personal Facebook acct.

  7. Heather James says

    What creative costumes! Great job Melissa!! Good photo documentation too. Next year Zane will be able to enjoy the candy too ;)

    Claire also loves Caillou (I didn't know it until today though lol!)

  8. Amy says

    1.) I love Halloween too
    2.) I love the bro/sis themed idea
    3.) Papa smurf's beard…seriously…the cutest
    4.) Your husband carved Cinderella in a pumpkin? Are you kiddin' me?!?! That is amazing and now I need to have my hubs work on Belle for next year, I bet he will love that idea…ha

  9. OverMom says

    The kids look great! Your mother-in-law made the best cupcakes. I am late too with posting Halloween, my goal is to have it up tonight!

  10. Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse says

    Cute, cute, cute……papa smurf looked adorable. Great job on the costumes:)

  11. euregirlsandboys says

    Great pictures – that pumpkin is amazing! And those cupcakes are, too. Looks like a fun Halloween!

  12. HK says

    LOVE the cupcakes and the great costumes! You made Halloween so special and fun for your lil ones!! :) you're a great momma! <3 I gotta get on the ball and start planning next year's halloween in July too!! haha!

  13. Mommy Bags says

    I love the smurf costumes and the cupcakes rock I need to do those next year I did the graveyard ones this year. New follower from the hop hope you can come over and say hello

  14. Maria says

    AHH! such cute costumes! hayley looks so happy and i can't even stand it…zane, as papa smurf! glad you had a wonderful halloween!!
    i have watched so much caillou…the little boy i babysat for last year was obsessed with it. he would insist on the same episode week after week…too funny!

    i hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    maria <3

  15. Val S. says

    The pictures of your kids at halloween are adorable. Halloween is my favorite time because it allows for so much creativity.

  16. Sheri says

    Adorable smurfs you have. Actually I think Zane did pretty good with an hour. You and Hayley are troopers though. Glad you had so much fun. The sofa photo of the two wee ones is adorable. I am jealous of your husband's carving skills! He did an awesome job!

  17. SassyModernMom says

    Oh they are adorable!! (and I remember the days of Caillou….he was a great source of entertainment!)

  18. Naked Mommy says

    Great costumes! I love that they were both Smurfs!! And did your daughter just swoon over that Princess pumpkin? Looks like you guys had a blast!! Halloween is my favorite holiday after Christmas!

  19. Sarah @ It's a Vol says

    Looooove the smurfs! They both look sooo cute! Zane kills me with his adorbaleness in that costume!

  20. Grace says

    I agree with you that it is better late than never and it is always fun to see photos of special memories.
    I found you via the Alexa Hop on How Was Your Day.

  21. Jenny says

    Let me just say how cute your kids Halloween costumes were!! I love it :) Let me also say my daughter is obsessed with Caillou. That was the theme of her second bday party. We have already been watching these DVD's too! Thanks for linking up :)