Sometimes you just need some mommy-daughter alone time!

Before Zane was born, I always told myself I would continue to have mommy-daughter time without other family members. I love the girl bonding times that I had with my daughter, and truthfully, my husband doesn’t really want to sit through Princesses on Ice or take Hayley to get her nails painted. I am proud to say that we have continued this tradition routinely ever since Zane entered our family.

I love Zane dearly but it is nice to step away from parenting him for one day every month and focus on my toddler. Hayley is at such a fun age and I enjoy doing so many fun things with her, without having to worry about the constant feedings, diapering, and overall caring for Zane, if I had to bring him along. I think by doing this, it makes me a better parent to both kids: Hayley gets the one-on-one attention that every toddler deserves and Zane gets me coming back to him ready to tackle the everyday demands of a baby with a smile. It is a win-win for all!

So, this past Saturday was our monthly bonding day. We had such a fantastic time! Our day started when I brought Hayley at 9 AM to her preschool carnival. You should have seen her excitement on winning the best prize (yes, it was a pencil, but winning anything is monumental to a three-year-old) at the games. She loved giving her tickets in and going around the whole carnival. It actually brought me back to my childhood years! Of course, no carnival is complete without cotton candy, popcorn, and balloons. Yes, I know I am a dentist but how can I deny my kid candy every once in awhile? After our carnival experience, I took her to her second soccer game. Well, if you read my post from last week, you know that I started bribing my kid with M&M’s to actually play. Well guess what, she got on the field this time. She might have been kicking the ball to the wrong goal but it is a very good start!

Afterwards, we changed up in the car and I ended the day taking her to see Disney’s “Princesses on Ice” along with two of her preschool friends. Hayley was mesmorized! She was in love with the show! Watching real princesses (as she put it) in a show was a dream for her. She is enamored with princesses and dressing up. She had a blast! We then took the kids in the car and headed for a fun filled dinner!

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day! At the end of the day when I was putting her to sleep, she says, “Mommy, you are the best. I love you so much.”  Yes, the flood gates opened.

Some pictures from our fun filled adventures:


And one of my Z man:)


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  1. KERRY says

    And with those sweet words from your precious princess what a great way to end a lovely fun-filled day!! The carnival sounds like fun and Princesses on Ice I bet was a hit :)
    I think it's awesome you do this once a month, it's so important isn't it, and she will always remember these times with her mummy…
    It is nice sometimes to 'step' away from the nappies and bottles and just hang with the older kiddies too.
    And you know what?
    I'd do anything for M&M's !!

  2. Lacey from The Southern Mommy Chronicles says

    I think it's so awesome that you take the time to have one on one time with her, and she doesn't really realize what's going on at that time but I bet you're making some big memories with her! :)

    ps, I'll still do almost anything for some M&M's :)

  3. Mindy says

    That's so good you take time out and have days for just the two of you. I plan on doing the same with Cecilia when we have another one.

    I love her boots in the first picture and the princess outfit? To die for! It looks like you had a great day!!

  4. Sarah says

    I've already made that a rule too, that I'll always have 1 on 1 time with each child! Good for you, glad you had fun!

  5. Sheri says

    I just love your post and the heart you put into it. How wonderful for you to take time for your children, so many parents can't or don't. Looks like a great great day. Times like these make me wish I too had a daughter. Priceless what she said at the end of the day. Made ME tear up!

    Oh and I am so glad she participated this time. I could see myself going towards the wrong goal too!

  6. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Such a beautiful day with your daughter. I love how your went out of your way to make it special, even taking two of her friends to the Disney show too. My girls and I are overdue for some mommy/daughter time. Hopefully soon. :)

  7. Mom of 12 says

    That sounds like a great idea! With 8 daughters I'd be out twice a week. We do have our tea parties and once we even had a girls' night out and went to the latest Twilight movie.

  8. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thank you. It was indeed a great day. That is so great that you all try to do special bonding times as well and for those,thinking of another, it really is a great idea! Happy Friday!

  9. Jamie L. says

    One on One time is definitely a must when you have more then 1 kid. Sounds like a fun filled day… I cant wait until my daughter is a little older and we can do princesses on ice and manicures!

  10. Brittney says

    aww so sweet and sounds like lots of fun. I totally teared up on that last line too haha must be the pregnancy hormones

  11. Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass says

    I love that you take the time out to focus on your little girl! This is one of the biggest things I worry about when I think about adding another one to the mix. Although, being a terribly jealous youngest child myself, I sometimes worry about focusing too much of my attention on my oldest child! ;)

    It sounds like you both had such a fun day! I don't think it gets much better than Princesses on Ice! ;) The pictures are SO cute, too!

    Have a good weekend :)

  12. Kass says

    Aww!! so cute!! I felt that way with Aiden when I decided last minute tht I would take him appe picking alone. I was nice to ahve that one on one time with him and the next day he had one on one time with Dad at the baseball game. It was great.

  13. Secret Mom Thoughts says

    Bonding one on one with your daughter is priceless. I try to do similar things with my daughter too.

  14. Jamie says

    Looks like you had a wonderful time too! Win win win! :o) I love what she said to you at the end of the night! How priceless!!


  15. Chic Homeschool Mama says

    When they say things like that- it just melts your heart & makes all those times when things are crazy & hectic so worth it.

  16. Heather says

    We did princesses on ice too! It is a riot to see all the glam!! I love mommy daughter time!! Glad you guys could enjoy that!

  17. Maria says

    her lil outfit is ADORABLE!!! and so is zane's! omygoodness, i love her hair do and lil' uggs! so sweet of you to spend girl time with her! what a lucky little girl she is! looks like a wonderful day!
    hope you have an awesome weekend!