Saturday’s Top Five Laughs

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Seems we are beginning to enter my favorite season, fall. I’m ready for the pumpkin/apple picking,hot chocolate, hayrides, Halloween, and all the other great fall activitites.

Now for my top five laughs from my kids:

5.  Zane is still stuck rolling from his back to his belly. He can’t figure out how to roll the other way yet so he tends to cry a MILLION times a night to flip him over. While that is not fun, the look he gives me when I go into his room is priceless. He looks me straight in the eyes and if looks can talk, I believe he would tell me, “Mom, I could have figured it out”. Then he proceeds to giggle everytime I turn him over. I want him to sleep thru the night but secretly I am going to miss our bonding sessions.

4. Hayley is into anything having to do with princesses now. She has tons of them in her room that she can play with for hours. One night I was calling her up for dinner and she says, “Mommy, I am not going to eat tonight. Fiona ( her name of one of her princesses) and I had a late lunch”. I was hysterical!

3. Sometimes I get ice coffee from several different places besides my usual. One day I put my ice coffee which was very light on the counter. Next thing I know, Hayley says, “Mommy, this chocolate milk is digusting”. Clearly, she drank some of it.

2. I put on the television for Hayley this week while I was feeding Zane. All of a sudden, I hear Hayley hysterical crying to get the show off of the television. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I thought to myself what was on the television to scare her that much. Well, it was her all time favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, a show she was obsessed with most of her life so far. I have no idea where this sudden aversion to YGG came from but I am so relieved!

1. This week I  put Hayley in for a nap. 10 minutes later, I hear her say, ” Oh no, my leg has poop on it…. Oh no, my ernie doll has poop on it”. As a mom, you run when you hear these words. Yep, poop was ALL OVER EVERYTHING!!! I just had to laugh instead of crying!

So, tell me your Saturday laughs??

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  1. Myndee says

    I have just two because I don't want to take up your whole comment section!
    1. Gavin started "counting". I would count 1…2…3 then fling him backward while holding him of course (he was sitting on my lap). When I stopped, he started going uuuuu…ooooo…EEEEEE and throwing himself back!
    2. I tell Kadence her birth story all.the.time. One of the things I say is "they gave me medicine to help my labor progress" (meaning pitocin). She comes up to me with the infant tylenol that I didn't know she could reach, and says "Mommy, I need this medicine to help my labor." /dead.
    And now I want to go make my own saturday laughs post! Maybe next week- I'll of course give you a shout out!

  2. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Myndee, these are so cute!! That Kadence, not only extraordinarily beautiful, but a comic as well:) Do a Saturday laugh post. These are my favorite posts to write:)
    Delaney, thank you!

  3. Linda says

    Glad you're finding things to laugh about in the everyday – so important!

    Am your Newest Follower from the Friday hop-
    Nice to meet you -
    Have a great weekend!

    beachside cottage
    Beachy Keen Book Club

  4. tmp says

    that was great.. thank you so much for sharing. I love reading all about what is going on. Enjoy these days. They go by quick..

  5. JDaniel4's Mom says

    This post makes me smile. I love how Hayley had a late lunch! My son gets into playing and insists he has to finish work before he can eat.

  6. Sarah says

    Haha! As just mentioned on Twitter…as I'm changing my little guy's (2nd) poopy diaper after his nap, my 3 y/o nephew comes into the room and says "that's a'sgusting!" Couldn't agree more!!

    Nurse Loves Farmer

  7. Jamie says

    I LOVE this post! What a GREAT idea for a blog. :o) My favorite is "Fiona and I had a late lunch." LMBO!

    Sometimes I wish Cupcakes could talk so I knew what she was thinking. :o)


  8. Lacey from The Southern Mommy Chronicles says

    I love the "late lunch!" How cute!

    And you know I had my Friday, which I had to laugh so I wouldn't cry as well! It's a good feeling, knowing you can chose to laugh at the situation instead of get down or upset!

  9. Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    Those are great!! I love the suddenly terrified of Yo Gabba Gabba – especially as my 3y.o. is currently OBSESSED with that show (we discovered it on Netflix recently and now must watch it daily!!)

  10. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Thanks guys. I really enjoy doing these Saturday posts.

    Sarah, too funny!
    Lacey, I enjoyed that blog post.
    Liz, be careful. It can turn into an addiction quickly.

    And to my new followers, thank you and I will check out your blogs as well!

  11. Life by Cynthia says

    By the time I got to #1 I was nearly in tears laughing! Great post. Following from vB and SO GLAD that I found your blog! Will make sure to follow you on fb & twitter so I don't miss a post! :)

    Mommied Life by Cynthia


  12. Maria says

    hahahahahaha omygosh, "my leg has poop on it" LOL too funny! i loved this post.
    your children are just too cute. the things kids say always make me :)
    i have to disagree with her on one thing. iced coffee is amazing ;)
    happy new week to you!

  13. Brandi says

    I hear Marlee saying funny things through the monitor, but thankfully she hasn't said, Oh no, my leg has poop on it yet! :)

    Your kiddos are cute!