Birth Stories

Hayley’s birth story:  I ended up going to the doctor at 38 weeks 6 days for a routine checkup.  They did a growth ultrasound that day and they decided to strip my membranes for the process of bringing the baby into this world. They thought Hayley was going to a big baby and I am relatively small 5’2 girl, so they thought doing this process would speed up the process.
On the night of Oct 1 labor started. However, I did not think it was labor.  I had bad constipation pains and I kept screaming at my husband to go pick me up some Colace. He told me to call the doctor but I kept telling him to get up out of his sleep and go to the drugstore. Yes, it was 3am but we have an all night CVS right near us. Anyway, I digress.  I ended up calling the doctor on call and she told me my description of what I was feeling didn’t sound like labor and yes, feel free to take colace. Colace was taken at 3:30am. Nothing! I still had the same awful constipation pains. I ended up calling my doctor office at 8am and again they told me it did not sound like labor but if I wanted to please feel free to come in. Not two minutes later the same nurse calls back and she told me the doctor wants me to come in just to make sure the baby wasn’t coming.  So off we went, with no bags packed. My husband was going to take me there/drive me home and then he would go back to work.
Well imagine my surprise when I got in the doctor office and she yells, there is no time to wait!  We need to get you to the hospital ASAP. I asked her if I was dilated at all, and she responds, “Honey, you are 8.5 cm dilated.”  WHAT!!  So they rush me into labor and delivery (there is no signing in when you are that far along). I told them I need the epidural stat. To my surprise, even though I was that far along, I was able to get it within 15 minutes of me getting hooked up to the monitors. The nurse told me that the baby would  be here in an hour, two at the most. I called my mother-in-law to come to the hospital right away!
Well guess what, my mother-in-law had to wait 16 long hours. Why, you ask? Well my stubborn daughter would not descend. I was 100% dilated but she was still extremely high up (in technical terms, she was at +1 station). They tried pitocin to make her descend, but no luck. They mentioned the C-word and I said no way. So off I tried pushing and vomiting for 2 long hours (they had to shut the epidural off at this point), when the doctor stopped and told me the C-section was now the only option. I was scared out of my mind but I wanted her out already. I was physically done. So they wheeled me into the OR and at 10:21 pm, Hayley Rose was born weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz with a ton of black hair. In retrospect, I should have done the C-section right away as it was relatively easy compared to the intense labor and pain I just went through.

Zane birthing story:  I was a scheduled to come in at 8am on Thursday March 31, 2011.  At 11:1 am, Zane Gregory entered this world weighing 8 lbs, 2 oz., with a ton of black hair. The repeat C-section was a breeze in my opinion and I felt great the whole time. I didn’t even contemplate a VBAC, and personally, it was the best choice in my case to have the repeat C-section. I am not discouraging anyone from trying for a VBAC (if you can do it and want it, go for it) but it wasn’t really an option for me. I only had to take the pain medicine for 3 days, was up walking that night, and back to playing tennis by 6 weeks.

Taylor’s birthing story: Taylor was born 7-7-14 at 8:13 am weighing 7 pounds, 15 oz and 19.5 inches in height. She was born via a routine C-section which was not too terrible except for the horrible drink they made me take right before taking me in for the operation. While the C-Section was not bad, recovery was the worst and it took me a good 8 weeks to feel like myself. I also still have the last 10 pounds to lose after having her, but she is so worth it!

My other two kids were born with a ton of hair, and she was practically born bald. She is the easiest of my three and continues to awe me each and every day. Hayley and Zane love their little sister so much and both are tremendous helpers!
My family is now complete and while it would be nice to have another one, I can officially say we are done. Our family of 5 feels perfect and I feel very blessed!
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