The Comfiest Ballet Flat for your Commute/Walk to work-Aetrex!

*I received a sample. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*new_logo160_1395328401__89547

Being on my feet all day, I need a great shoe that is not only fashionable but comfortable too! Thanks goodness Aetrex has me covered for all my foot fashion needs! I received the black ballet flat and it is seriously like walking on air. The cushion of the shoes make it comfortable to wear all day long. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable shoes!unnamed-5

Aetrex, the leader in on-trend comfortable footwear, is the perfect shoe to wear. With the built in support and memory foam board you will be able to avoid blisters and leave your commuter shoes at home! Once you put them on, you will never want to take them off. Even when I am not out and about, I still sometimes wear my shoes around the house because they are so comfy!

With built in Orthotic Support, Memory Foam for extra cushioning and advance technology to keep them odor free, you can not go wrong with any of the Aetrex shoes. They come in various colors and several styles for you to chose from. They are simple, fashionable, and most of all comfortable!Aetrex

Be sure to check out the comfiest ballet flat for all your work and school needs today! It is the healthiest shoe you will ever wear! Happy shopping!


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    These ballet shoes look so comfy! I hate wearing high heels they absolutely cause me leg pain in my shins so flats are my preference for shoes.

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    I need these now. I used to get this style for my daughters but now that I am getting older my feet need to be comfortable. I am checking out the site right now. Thank you. I love the fact they are cushioned.

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    These would be so great to also have in the car for shopping or just changing my shoes out for comfy and nice looking ones – I’d never heard of this brand – will be taking a closer look – thank you :)

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