Making Time in My Relationship

My husband and I have a really great relationship. We have been married 8 year and have been together for 10 years. Sure, we have had our shares of ups and downs, as most of us have had, but I really cherish our relationship.

When we became parents, we no longer had the time for our impromptu road trips or our spontaneous date nights. We had kids to worry about and schedules to adhere to. As most of you know (if you are parents), the first few months of parenting a newborn is VERY HARD! There is hardly any free time and the few minutes you have, you rather be sleeping. However, once the babies start sleeping through the night, you get slightly more freedom and alone time at night.

In our household, lights are out at 830 pm. My husband and I go to sleep around 1130, so we have a good deal of time to ourselves. Recently though, we have been spending this time apart. I am so busy with my blog, that I end up spending a few hours writing, and he is busy playing with his iPhone, xbox, or watching movies. We have lost that special alone time, that we really should be cherishing.

Last weekend, I sat down with my husband, to tell him that things need to change. We need to bring back the “alone time” we have without the kids and begin to spend quality time with each other again. I told him that I will be spending less time behind a computer and in turn, perhaps he could spend less time with his xbox or his iPhone. I even suggested he sell xbox 360, because it is taking up so much of his time and it would be good to spend time in front of each other, rather than hiding behind modern technology. I don’t know how far we will go to spending all our time without technology, but we vow to at least try to limit it! I think this will begin to bring back our special time and rekindle our relationship!

Do you and your significant other have special date nights?



*This is a partnered post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    I so need this in my life right now, but with a husband who is only home on the weekends, it’s super hard!! I need to be better about getting off the blog and social media when we are spending time together.

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    I totally agree that couples need couple time – especially away from the electronic devices. My husband started texting a friend at our V-day dinner, needless to say I wasn’t happy – but I did get an extra glass of wine and dessert. Gotta find the happy medium

  3. says

    I stopped blogging and reading blogs in the evenings for this exact reason. We no longer did anything together after dinner. Now, we may just be watching and talking about a TV show, but at least we are doing something together!

  4. says

    Yep! This was my #1 priority goal for this year.

    It is hard to find a babysitter for 3 kids so we only go out to dinner once in awhile. We have been trying to watch a movie together once a week and keep up with the 2-3 tv shows that we enjoy together. The kids are going to bed earlier, around 815 most nights. This has helped a bunch. Now if only I had someone to clean my house every night, we would be golden.

  5. says

    I feel the same. The only time Brad and I go on dates is when were on vacation.

    We have been trying to spend more time together when Breanna goes to bed, but I still think date nights are much needed and that is one goal this year is to actually go out more w. just Brad and I even if it is just dinner!

  6. says

    It is so hard with a baby and other things crying out for your attention. I think it’s awesome that you chose to have a discussion with your husband about it. So many people would just complain. Good luck! I’m with you and cheering you on….

  7. says

    I wish we had family that lived closer so we could have a free babysitter and spend more time alone. Baby C goes to bed pretty early, so usually Friday nights we all go out to dinner then on our way home we grab ice cream (we save it until after Baby C is in bed) and we’ll watch a movie or show together.

  8. Belinda says

    With 6 kids, it’s hard to get alone time. Like you though, we TRY to get all the kids (except for our 3 month old) in bed by 8:30 so we can have some quiet time.

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