Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess Review

20120816 102039 Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess Review

Have you heard of VeggieTales? I have but this is actually my first time ever watching one of their movies and as an adult found myself really enjoying it. In this movie, these cute little vegetables tell a wonderful story how to treat others. Check it out!

Sara Crewe is our main character in this story. She has been blessed with a loving father and all of the nicest things a little girl can get. She is truly a princess in gods eyes. Sara’s father dies and she loses everything. She’s forced to work as a servant who gets very little food to eat or sleep. Sarah and her servant friend are always tired and their school teacher is mean to them every day. Through it all Sarah remains humble and kind, remembering what her father taught her, that everyone deserves kindness. I for one think this teaches great values being able to love someone even when you are not being treated nicely. I can definitely learn something from Miss Sara. It was a great movie that I enjoyed watching with the kids. I have never seen them sit so still during the whole entire time of a movie. Not even in the theater.

20120816 102053 Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess Review

Want to see what happens to our young Miss Sarah? Why not check the DVD out for yourself? The Penniless Princess can be purchased on Amazon for $10.30. There are some other great added bonus features where the kids can sing along too. Best friends forever was the kids favorite and they played it back to back nonstop.


*My reviewer, Bertha, from BB Product Review, was sent this product for review purposes. As always, all her opinions are her own and not swayed by outside sources.

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    We reviewed this too and it’s now my boys’ favorite show. They ADORE it. Often, they do this routine where they imitate Ms. Mischim – they’re all “GIVE ME THAT BEAR! I’M THROWING THAT BEAR OUT THE WINDOW!” For the longest time I didn’t know where it came from. Then I asked my oldest and he told me. LOL.