Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Hello Mommyhood Chronicles readers!  I know Melissa has a huge following for these posts and I am honored to be hosting this week.   I am Heather and I blog about my life as a mom, wife and full time salesperson at Our Girls Keep Us Moving.  My husband and I are constantly juggling a busy life with our two girls, Claire (3 1/2) and Natalie (16 months).  I absolutely love the Saturday Laughs Blog Hop!  For me, this has been the only post that I write with any type of consistency as I struggle to find time to do it all.
I hope you enjoy our laughs and look forward to reading all the other posts!  Since Melissa is away, there will not be a linky.  Please leave your link in the comments.
5.  Much to her talkative’s sisters disapproval, Natalie is finally becoming more vocal.  Claire enjoys speaking for Natalie and likes to be the center of attention at all times.  Now when Claire wants Natalie to be quiet, she attempts to put her hand over Natalie’s mouth.  This is followed by Natalie licking Claire’s hand and hysterical laughing from both girls.
4.  Claire has this new fascination with trying to wink.  I was able to capture her “practicin’ her winkin’” at the dinner table.
3.  We live next door to Ryan’s mom and step-dad.  They own an ice cream truck (yes this is very bad when you’re trying to lose weight).  If you ask Natalie if she wants to go to Grandma’s house, she starts smacking her lips while nodding her head. It makes me think she may want something?
2.  Once we go to Grandma’s house, Natalie will stand with her arms behind her back with the ice cream obsessed look in her eyes.  When we ask her if she would like some ice cream, she responds like this:
Every. Single. Time
The excitement is just adorable!!  She LOVES popsicles, devouring them in no time flat.
1.  My mom and I had a dance party with Claire on Sunday.  Claire yelled sung a made-up song with lyrics such as “We are cool girls.  We are rockstars.  Watch us shake our booties!  No one can stop us now!!”  We even had pretend rockstar costumes to wear while she had the real deal.  First she would dance with my mom while I cheered for them, then she would dance with me while my mom cheered and finally my mom and I would dance while Claire cheered for us.  We seriously laughed so hard making up crazy jumping, flaring, booty shaking moves.
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    Cute laughs Heather!! Natalie’s ice cream look is pretty similar to the one Tyler gives when he hears the ice cream truck in our neighborhood. What a cute winker you have! That is such a hard skill to master.