CuddleUppets (blankets that are puppets) Review!

The company behind CuppleUppets, is ingenious for inventing a blanket that also doubles as a puppet. Your children will have hours of fun playing with their puppet and then it instantly transforms to be used as a blanket at night. CuddleUppets are every so popular now because not only are they truly adorable but they will also provide your children fun for hours! What is better than that!

I know I first heard of CuddleUppets on the commercial and I was drawn in to see what it was all about. A lot of times, the television makes products seem more exciting that they actually are. Well in this case, the television got it 100% correct- these CuddleUppets are fantastic!

The CuddleUppets are a fantastic product to get if you have children. They would even make fantastic gifts for any of your children’s friends. They simply play with their puppet during the day, and then when it is time to go to bed, the puppet transitions to the perfect blanket.

My daughter loves carrying around her CuddleUppets. We have it on long trips and she is able to play with it, and then doze off in the car. It functions as her lovey.  I  need to buy another one though, because little Zane is eyeing his sister’s and he wants hers all the time- I don’t blame him! CuddleUppets are a great travel toy for sleeping and playing on trips, in cars, trains, planes or wherever you find yourself this summer!

There are so many CuddleUppets to choose from and they include the pink poodle. purple monkey, yellow puppy, blue elephant, brown bear, and the green crocodile. They are available online at CuddleUppets for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. If you buy more than one, any additional CuddleUppets are only $16.99. I would highly suggest checking out CuddleUppets today!



* I received the CuddleUppets for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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