Children’s Place Spring Collection REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!

If you read my blog, you know I love the Children’s Place. If I pass a Children’s Place store in my local mall, I can’t help but go in. They truly have the cutest clothes for both Zane and Hayley. I believe the best part is how incredibly affordable the Children’s Place is. On many occasions, I have gone into the store, and walked away with 3 outfits for under $50. The best part is not only is it cute and affordable, but it wears so well! I have had outfits (gender neutral, of course) that I have passed down from one kid to the next. We also receive a ton of hand-me downs and most are actually from the Children’s Place. They are all a few years old, and  look brand new!

Every season, the Children’s Place, puts out their new seasonly collection. Currently, they are working on their Spring Collection. I know we are in the midst of winter, but it really is never too early to think ahead to the warmer weather. Actually, with the weather the way it is currently, you can probably put your kids in the spring collection even earlier. The Chilren’s Place spring collection carries everything for a head-to-toe spring fashionable  look. Most of the collections are available in the store and if you can’t find them there, you can simply shop online at the Children’s Place. If you shop online, they will easily guide you in the right direction for your kids needs. You can shop via girl, boy, baby girl, baby boy, or newborn with clothes ranging from 0-14.  Everything you can possibly envision putting your kids in, including jackets, tops, pants, dresses, uniforms, sweaters, sleepwear, activewear, and much, can be found at the Children’s Place. I also happen to think they have the cutest accessories of ties, shoes, headbands, sunglasses, and hats.

I have to present to you, Zane and Hayley’s Easter outfits compliments of the Children’s Place. We decided to go with a basic pretty blue/white Spring dress for Hayley with a coordinating blue plaid top/ khaki’s/tie for Zane. I am sure they will be the hit at Easter with their Children’s Place outfits.

Be sure to check out the Children’s Place for all the latest and most fashionable clothes for this upcoming Spring.

Win it:  One winner will win a $25 Gift Card to the Childrens Place, to be used in the store or online.  This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click “read more” to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me which outfit is your favorite in the comment section proceeding the post. While it is optional to fill out the other entries, I highly recommend doing so, to increase your chances of winning. Open to US only. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Thank you to the Children’s Place and the PR firm for supplying me with outfits. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. jen s. says

    i love the striped dress you chose and also the pink/navy ribbon dress from their collection! and, ok, i'm kinda obsessed with the floral dresses, too. hey, i have 3 girls.. they all need something different, right? :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I love the multi stripe dress – I am loving the 'sailing/navy' feel of their clothing right now and can't wait to mix n match those adorable outfits (and those wedge blue shoes will be VERY cute for a special occasion!)

  3. Jeremy, Censie and Jude says

    You know that I adore The Children's Place as well! Great clothes and fantastic prices! I really want the Purple Argyle sweater for Jude for Easter

  4. The BOAT says

    My favorite outfit would be the Easter outfits I just bought today for my kiddos – for B is almost identical to H but in pink (it's in the newborn section) and O has khakis w/a pink oxford shirt and the blue splash sweater vest. I actually did a post on their outfits a few weeks ago!

  5. athena.d says

    the blue and white (nautical like) dress in the picture above!
    its sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  6. trisha says

    I like the embroidered skull shorts.. Thanks giveaway is awesome I love shopping online and shopping in general

  7. Teresa says

    It is always hard to pick what I like, I love it all and it looks so wonderful on a little girl or boy for any occassion.

  8. Mami2jcn says

    I like the Bouquet Dress.

    I'm entering on the rafflecopter with my Facebook username (Mary Happymommy).


    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  9. Amber says

    I love Children's Place. Liam's entire wardrobe pretty much comes from there. I love Zane's outfit. I'm a big fan of the argyle sweater vests, too.

  10. Adventures with Little man says

    Awwww, what adorable kiddos! So sweet! And I think you asked this in a previous post but I really think they look a lot alike :)

  11. Lollipops & Pig Tails says

    I love the stripped bow dress!!

    Goodness, I will have to run out there soon. I can't wait to match the girls!

  12. Kecia says

    I love Zane's outfit! Though I think I'd rather do the argyle vest rather than the tie for Sawyer. I am jealous that you get to work with The Children's Place! They are my favorite place to shop for Sawyer!!! :)

  13. Kambrea says

    I just bought my DD the Boho blue floral shorts and a white shirt to go with it. That is my favorite.

  14. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    Melissa, they are just SO cute in those outfits! I love The Children's Place, but they're prices are out of our budget for right now. Still, always fun to look :-)

  15. Mommy Glow says

    Love childrens place and love both their outfits. Would love to win to get my daughter some fresh spring gear!

  16. Kass says

    For Rebecca I would go with the Soutache Ribbon Dress and for Aiden I would The white plaid shirt with the navy and blue striping with the navy and blue argyle sweater vest with navy pants.

  17. Our Village is a Little Different says

    What adorable outfits! I love the Spring dresses on the site. the colors in the floral prints brightened up my snowy morning.

  18. Tessa Beuning says

    I love any dresses I can get in matching sizes to dress the girls the same. :) Anything with bright, spring colors is a win for me!

  19. AMBER EDWARDS says

    I love all of the dresses! This is my go to place for shopping for my daughter when I want an outfit that will FIT! I especially like the embroidered eyelet dress

  20. Coupon Lizzi says

    I love the blue and white striped dress. But most dresses from the Children's Place are too cute. I love that place!

  21. Christy says

    One of the reasons I have always loved Children's Place is because they have equally great boy clothes. I find a lot of retailers have super cute little girl clothes, but not the same quality for boys. However, Children's Place has BOTH and that is why I love shopping there.

  22. Felissa Hadas says

    I don't know that I have a favorite outfit mainly because I don't have anyone in mind to wear it but I really love their stuff. I like that their clothes are more sophisticated for little kids but not over the top as if you were dressing them in couture designers. Their clothes also seen to be really well made and wash clean considering I have seen kids covered in food one day and then see them again in the same outfit spotless clean.

  23. Marissa, Brianna, Benny, & Tara says

    My daughter recently got lots of clothes from Children's Place. My favorite is a flowy flowery shirt.

  24. Mrs.Smitty says

    I'd love to get the ruched leggings and eyelet top in aquapod to layer under the jasmine striped active ruffle top for my toddler! And the dressy tunic top and dressy capri leggings in pansy would be perfect for my youngest!

  25. Brittney says

    I love the Childrens Place! I have a card for the store! My favorite outfits are their striped polos and t-shirts for my son, as well as their plain colored shirts with a pocket. For my daughter I love their jeggings!

  26. April G says

    I adore that striped dress! My favorite item they sell though, is the stretchie pajamas. I really need to get my 16 month old son some more!

  27. Jan Messali says

    I like the Multi-striped Pocket Tee and Pull On Cargo Shorts for little boys.
    janmessali (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Beth R says

    I would love to get the white plaid shirt with the navy/blue striping, argyle sweater vest, and navy pants.
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  29. crystalf says

    I would love to have the cropped dressy cardigan sweater and the sequin floral dress. thank you!!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  30. veronica Acosta says

    I am in love with the "Frill Her" outfits in the baby girls section. OMG so freakin cute!

  31. barbara.montyj says

    Favorite outfit – pair of well worn comfortable blue jeans with a casual jacket.
    I wear a white tee with it.
    thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  32. barbara.montyj says

    Oops just realized you didn't mean my personal favorite.
    I love the blue dress with ribbon.
    Probably because I have grand daughters!
    Thank you.

  33. ani hearts japan says

    I love the blue and white dress your girl is in. Adorable!!

    aniwilsonintx at hotmail dot com

  34. Monica says

    I love all the button down shirts for the boys. I feel like it's so hard to find cute ones that don't look like something a lumberjack would wear. But TCP's shirts are super cute!

  35. Gina says

    I love the ruffled bow dress for baby girls. They have so many pretty dresses, I wish I could get them all for my little one!

  36. Rebecca O says

    TCP has so many great min and match options! I love the Babydoll Top and Denim Jeggings! So cute. Thanks for the chance! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  37. Lauren U says

    The blue and white strip dress your daughter is wearing is my favorite outfit.


  38. kids flip flops says

    I am also love the childrens place. Most of the latest fashion trends for children are there.

  39. Ellen C. says

    I like the coral cutie outfit. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  40. Alicia says

    I'd love to get the sport henley, pull-on twill shorts and plaid slip-on shoes for my boyfriend's grandson!

  41. Missy L says

    I like the striped bow dress. That blue would look so good against my daughter's pretty blue eyes

  42. AmyDalrymple says

    I love all of their sleepwear. I have 3 nephews aged 2-7 and a fourth on the way in a week. I would love to spoil them with some cute clothes!

  43. mom2gabnnat says

    My daughter would flip for the Easter's Finest pink dress outfit.
    jenswps at yahoo . com

  44. Ang Campbell says

    My favorite is the pink cascade dress! I would LOVE to get that for my 4 year old for her Easter dress :) wabbtmc at gmail dot com

  45. 1955nurse says

    LOVE the Pleated Rose Sah dress for my sweet grandaughter, but it's so hard to choose – they have GREAT clothes for kids!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance (HollyCunningham)

  46. Molly C. says

    I adore the dress that your daughter is wearing. So much so, that I will have to hit up the mall this weekend. lol

  47. julescar74 says

    I think my daughter would fall in love with the citrus chic outfit. Its so her.

  48. Anonymous says

    They have a 'batter up' outfit in the boys section called 'head for the hoops' with a striped polo, jersey, cargo shorts and safari rocker sneakers that would look adorable on my son! karen,

  49. Julieh says

    I like the tooty fruity outfit for baby girls. (julie hawkins) honeypie411 at yahoo dot com