Ecovessel kids cups review!

How many sippy cups have you gone through for your kids? I am sure the overwhelming answer is- a lot! Now, how many sippy cups actually lasted through the years and held up well through the years? What is the answer here? For me, that answer is not many!

So, I was so excited when I found out about a great company called Ecovessel.  Ecovessel is a company from Boulder, Colorado, who specializes in producing products that are safe, eco-friendly and sturdy. They specialize in a complete line of adult and children stainless steel water bottles. Also included in their products are: filtration bottles, insulated steel bottles, triton water bottles, single wall steel bottles, sippy cups, and accessories. On their site, they also provide a food storage system as well as clearance items.  All of their products are 100 percent recyclable and BPA-free. They provide the highest quality of products and are made with the consumer in mind. The products provide ease of use, convenience, and safety.

I am one who doesn’t like to buy plastic water bottles based on the cost factor as well as what plastic does to the environment (even though we recycle in our household.) These products offer an excellent alternative to using plastic. We ended up receiving four products to review including the stainless steel insulated sippy, the “scout” kids bottle with straw, the gobble-n-go stainless steel snack cup, and the insulated steel straw bottle.

Stainless steel insulated sippy cup: The stainless steel insulated cup is a 10 oz. stainless steel sippy cup available in blue, silver, and pink.  This sippy is one of the best that I found as it does NOT LEAK!! I know that we have went through so many sippys that constantly leak and I had to toss. You will not have a problem with this one! Not only does it not leak, but it keeps the milk cold for hours. For Zane, he is still grasping the concept of a sippy cup but I know this will be a great starting cup. We ended up using Hayley as our test subject for the sippy and she really loved it! It is made with such a high end stainless steel that the parents will love it too. This cup is available for purchase for $17.95.

“Scout” kids bottle with straw: The “scout” kids bottle with straw is simply perfect for my three year old daughter. This bottle is 13 oz. and is available in orange with a grasshopper, pink with a tree, and silver express. I have added this bottle to Hayley’s lunch box everyday. The bottle is extremely sturdy and she is able to grasp the bottle without any trouble. We also had zero leakage when using this bottle. It is a flip straw cup but very easy for my three year old to use! There is no valve so I would generally recommend this bottle for those that can handle the flow of liquid. This bottle is available for purchase for $15.95.

Gobble-n-Go Stainless Steel Snack Cup: The Gobble -n- Go Stainless Steel Snack Cups are stainless steel cups available in hudson blue, pink, and silver. I absolutely love this cup. I found with most of the plastic cups, all Hayley’s cheerios or snack foods, would fall out as soon as I gave it to her. This is not the case with the Gobble-n-Go. We had no problems with food coming loose from it. I also love that if you take the top off, you can use it as a sturdy bowl for pudding or ice cream. The cup is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of silicone. Hayley can figure out how to take the lid off but she is three and she can figure it out on any cups these days. It is a bigger snack cup so it will require a little bit more dexterity than the smaller cups. However, I think once they master it, you will never look back in giving this cup. This snack cup is available for $14.95.

Insulated steel straw bottle: The insulated steel straw bottle is 17 oz. straw bottle available in green, blue, pink, silver, and purple. This flip straw water bottle is my one of my favorite products and I carry this water bottle with me wherever you go. For the price of the bottle, you can not beat it! It is not too heavy or excessively large so it is very portable. I love the fact that the opening on the straw is nice and big so I am able to get my water much faster when needed. When I go to the gym, it keeps my water cold for me, which is very important. I have not found too many bottles that can actually keep the water cold- this one does. It is also easy to flip the straw up and down with one hand in between my workouts. It is very easy to clean this and all the ecovessel products we received. This bottle is available for $23.95.

I can’t say enough good about ecovessel products. For purchasing information, please check out: Ecovessel.

For Zane’s first birthday bash, one winner is going to receive all the products listed above for a value of approximately $75. Please check back at the end of next month for the start of Zane’s first birthday bash which will be held with another fantastic blogger Kaylene from

*I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    I love these! I think the grasshopper is my favorite – so cute! We use many reusable ecofriendly containers in my house, but we haven't tried these before.

  2. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says

    Love these. They look like they are great quality and worth the expense. Stainless steel is the best!

  3. Katy Rose says

    Love the stainless steel one you carry around! It's adorable and perfect for toting, without being super bulky. – Katy

  4. Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three says

    I love the sheer size of the stainless steel model. Sweet T is chugging fluids right now and it's hard to keep her refilled! It looks really sturdy too.

  5. About A Mom says

    I don't often think to purchase stainless steel over plastic. May have to rethink that since it is more ecofriendly.

  6. Candice @ TheNewModernMomma says

    Thanks! These are so cute and I too have my own water bottle obsession aka my adult sippy cup. I'm off to order some!

  7. Two Little Cavaliers says

    It sounds like they have a great product line perfect for the entire family. Thank you for introducing us to these great products.

  8. Mark Beauty With E says

    Wish they had these types of cups when my children were little, they seem to always come out with the best stuff after my kids are past the age range lol ..

  9. Couponista Queen says

    I like that these are BPA free. I don't have little ones but I will look at these next time I need a shower gift.


    Those sippy cups look AWESOME! I am definitely going to have to look into those. We have already gone through quite a few. So yeah. Need some of these asap. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. BTW, you are awesome. Just saying. :)

  11. Maria Hennessey says

    I work with Eco Vessel and it's great to read such a solid review, as well as the great feedback. Their products really do out perform others. If you wish to order anything online, use coupon code EcoMommy (case sensitive) and receive 20% off (expires: 03/01/12).