ABE Blogtastic Extravaganza Prize Pack #3: Dr. Sears Zone Diet and Sit,Stretch,Smile DVD and Book Giveaway

Prize pack #3 for my ABE giveaway includes a 2 week supply of Dr. Sears Zone Diet food and 1 copy each of Sit, Stand, and Smile DVD/book combination.

1. Dr. Sears Zone Diet Food Review/Giveaway:

Click here:   to see the review post for Dr. Sears Zone Diet Plan.

2. Sit, Stretch, Smile DVD and Sit, Stretch, Smile Book:

I am a huge Yoga fan. As a dentist, I need something to relax me after a long hard day.  Sometimes when I come home, all my joints ache. My go to for relief is Yoga. Yoga is fantastic not only for enjoyment but as a great form of exercise. Practicing different forms of Yoga on a regular basis helps improvement your health and mental state. 

You call this Yoga is a non profit company that helps to improve your lifestyle through Yoga. The main aspect of You call this Yoga is to bring awareness of all the benefits of Yoga and providing opportunities for the general public to learn about Yoga. I was into Yoga before I found out about this site but this site exemplified my love for it. It was also founded by a retired dentist, Dr, Howard Shareff so I knew, that by adding his regime, it would help me. 

You call this Yoga supplies the public with many different types of Yoga products. I had the chance to review the Sit, Stretch, Smile book as well as the Sit, Stretch, Smile DVD.

Sit,Stretch, Smile book:

This book is all about chair yoga. Simply put if you have a chair, you can introduce this type of Yoga anywhere you go. I tend to do this Yoga on my lunch breaks as it is so calming but you can really do it anywhere and any time of the day. All it takes is 15-20 minutes a day and a chair.  Chair Yoga combines the practice of Yoga with lessons from physical therapy. You will learn how to position yourself on a chair and develop better body alignment.  I have found by using this book, I have improved my strength, flexibility, balance, and overall wellness.  He incoperates some of the basic Yoga moves to the more complex moves in his book. Some of the Yoga moves he mentions are downward dog, runner’s stretch, side twist, hip opening, hip sway, foot flex, and many others. None of the moves that are mentioned in the book are too hard that you will give up on it. All the illustrations are easy to follow with color photos. Dr. Shareff goes through each of the exercises with step to step, easily to follow directions. I definitely recommend this book as an alternative to the regular yoga that would take you upwards of an hour to do each day. 

Sit, Stretch, Smile DVD:

Dr. Shareff puts the yoga book demonstrations live to his new DVD. In this DVD, he teaches all the Yoga moves using the beach as a background. The tranquility of the beach setting really puts you in the mood to start doing some Yoga and relax. Next time, you need to take a break and get some exercise, pull up a chair and let Dr. Shareff put you to the ultimate form of relaxation in his DVD. The benefits will include improved flexibility, strength,  and balance. It is so important to realize that the position of your body when you sit, walk, or play will affect your overall well being!

You Call this Yoga created many Yoga programs in his area to help with the healing of our population from fatigue and stress. From what I read, his classes fill up very quickly and people who leave there, feel like new people. 

You can check out his full supply of products and classes at: You call this Yoga. His DVD/Book combination is available for purchase for $30 online.  You can also find him on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/YouCallThisYoga and on twitter at: https://twitter.com/#!/YouCallThisYoga.

Win it- 1 winner will receive both the DVD and book as part of prize pack #2

*Please check back on January 23 for the giveaway
*I received this product for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    Yoga is so wonderful I haven't done it in a long time I would love to win this I need help relaxing too much stress

  2. Missy's life says

    I would love to start up yoga. I have balance issues due to inner ear problems and have a lot of stress, so this is perfect.

  3. Tenielle S says

    Thank you for the review, I need to learn to stretch more! Thank you for the giveaway as well!