ABE Blogtastic Extravaganza Prize Pack #2: Dr. Sears Zone Diet and The Fat Boy Chronicles

My prize pack #2 includes Dr. Sears Zone Diet (2, one week, back to back supply of food) and The Fat Boy Chronicles:

1. Dr. Sears Zone Diet Program:

For information on the Zone Diet and what you will receive for the Zone diet program, please click here:

2. The Fat Boy Chronicles:

The Fat Boy Chronicles is a telling movie inspired by a true story. The story follows Jimmy Winterpock who is the subject of a brutal high school game of  bullying. Jimmy is 14 years old and weighs in at 187 pounds.  Imagine the ridicule he faces in the very harsh high school setting! He is constantly tormented and vows to succeed and make his dreams come true despite the horrendous bullying.

In the end, Jimmy ends up finding the willpower and strength to win over the girls of his dreams. This film brings real world issues that affects teenagers to the main screen.  This movie is brought to you by Phase 4 Films in association with Melee Entertainment. It started being available for purchase starting January 3, 2012. It runs 78 minutes and includes additional audio commentary with the director and author of the hit novel of which the movie was made.

My thoughts:

I LOVED this movie! Although I did not get personally teased in high school, I know plenty of my friends who did. I tried my best to do whatever necessary to stick up to the bullys but sometimes all my efforts were in vain. By watching this movie, it brought back all those feelings I had when I was in High School when I saw kids getting picked and severely bullied  for problems that they had trouble controlling including being too thin, being overweight, having acne, etc. It was a hard to bring back those memories but it just shows that these bullys do still exist in our generation. Hurtful words and actions can leave the lasting mark on these kids. Fortunately in this movie, Jimmy was able to overcome it but it was certainly a hard journey. This movie is truly a must see for those that have kids. Hopefully, one day, we will not have to deal with these problems anymore. One can only wish!

For more information and purchasing information on the Fat Boy Chronicles click here: Fat Boy Chronicles. Fat Boy Chronicles can be seen on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/thefatboychronicles.  One lucky reader will win a copy of Fat Boy Chronicles.

*Please check back tomorrow am for the actual giveaway.
*I received these products for reviewing purposes. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

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  1. Maria says

    ohh, this movie seems like one i'd like. i saw so many kids get picked on in school. it makes me so sad. i got picked on for wearing too much makeup in high school (bc I DID) HAHAHA
    i once almost got in a fight with a girl named roberta who said she was gonna kick my *** after school. she never did. she probably would have won. LOL
    i saw her a few months ago and we were so nice to each other.
    ahhh, school days. kids can be so cruel.
    thanks for sharing this, melissa!

  2. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    This movie sounds great I would love to keep it for when my son is older I really worry about bullying since he is a boy.

  3. Missy's life says

    I like to watch these kind of movies, especially when there is a happy ending. In elementary and middle school, I was bullied, not only with words, but on one occasion a girl beat me up because I tried to stand up for myself(in elementary).

    I hope that my kids would never have to go through that stuff or even be the bully.