Wordless Wednesday: Christmas/Hanukkah books!

*Warning: I am breaking the rules a little since this is not wordless but tonight is the first night of Hanukkah so I feel it is okay:)

HAPPY HANUKKAH! In my family, we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. It is very rare that they fall on the same week but this year they do. So tonight Hayley is going to be opening her first of 8 presents, and then on Christmas she not only gets to open her Christmas presents but it also day 6 of Hanukkah.

To start off the holidays, I decided to give them two excellent books:  
Each one was given to us and I felt my readers should know about these books!

1. The Story of Hanukkah Howie :This book is truly fantastic. It presents the story of Howie and how his hair started resembling a menorah.  Each spike on his hair looks exactly like a candle on the menorah.  Imagine having a bad hair day everyday – well, Howie has to deal with this year after year at Hanukkah time. 

His mother tried to tame the spikes but each day during Hanukkah, a new spike of hair appears. At day 8, there are nine spikes in all- 4 on the right, 4 on the left, and 1 in the center. This is what you would find a menorah as well. When Hanukkah ends, each spike disappears. 

If you celebrate Hanukkah or know someone who does, this is a must get book for the kids! Be sure to check out The Story of Hanukkah Howie written by Jan Dalrymple and illustrated by Bob Dalrymple at: Amazon or own this site, http://hanukkahhowie.com/.   It is really a beautiful book with over 40 pages of colorful illustrations. 

2. The Berenstain Bears Get Ready For Christmas:  The Berenstain bears do it again with the new release of their Christmas story: The Bersenstain Bears Get Ready For Christmas.  In our family, we are big Berenstain Bears fans so I was so excited when I received this copy. This is an adorable Lift-the-Flap Book that leaves kids dreaming about Christmas. Even though Hayley is 3, she adores Lift-the-Flap books as much as a 2 year old loves them! I imagine she will be loving these books for a long time.

In this book, the family finds adventures and fun as the bears attempt to assemble the family nativity scene. The Story of the Nativity begins as Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear search the Bear family tree house to find their manger scene, a family “bearloom”. 

The bears pop open each of the boxes to find the Nativity scene but only find certain figurines.  They then have to begin a full on hunt to find all the missing pieces of the Nativity Scene, only to be found in the most unlikely places. 

This is really such  cute book. I love reading it to Hayley and Zane every night. Be sure to check out more of the book for purchase here: Amazon.


*We received both of these books for reviewing purposes.

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  1. Judy Haughton-James says

    Happy Hannukkah and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. It is really good that you read to your children and teach them to appreciate books.

  2. {K} says

    Both sound like great books. I loved the Berenstein Bears when I was a kid. Happy Holidays to your family!!

  3. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm says

    Those sound like great books – the one about Howie in particular! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you :-)

  4. Crystal Gibson says

    Love the diversity! It's a beautiful thing to see being taught to children. Happy Hannukkah and Merry Christmas

  5. Heather from Our Girls Keep Us Moving says

    Hayls is adorable! They sound like great books!! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to you guys!!

  6. Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three says

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Do ya'll give double presents? Sweet deal!

  7. Gina Kleinworth says

    Boy she sure lucked out to be able to celebrate both holidays. What an exciting time to share all those traditions with her.

  8. Amy says

    Oh thanks for sharing that book for Hanukkah.. I am glad you do both.. that is great.. Have a nice day..

  9. Kristi says

    HAPPY HANUKKAH! Your daughter is a cutie. Thanks for stopping by to comment. Have a great holiday season!

  10. Kass says

    So cute. I need to get some more books, both Hanukkah and Christmas ones. I want to do the 25 days of books each night we open a new book to read and I want there to be an alternation between Hanukkah and Christmas books.

  11. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    I think I'm very in sync with your post tonight! My kids watched the Berstain Bears tonight AND just five minutes ago I was working on the spelling word "Hanukkah" with my with my daughter–a tricky word to spell!

    Very sweet photos!

  12. Maria says

    HAPPY, HAPPY hanukkah and christmas to you and your family!! <3 these look like fabulous books. "hanukkah howie" looks like it has awesome illustrations!! i was obsessed with the berenstain bears when i was little. my brother and i always choose them at bedtime!!
    have a wonderful day, melissa!!!
    thinking of you <3

  13. Roxy says

    I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears. The best thing my dad did was spoil me with books! Thanks for the memories. :)

  14. Jen + Jeff says

    I grew up reading the Berenstain Bears books. My sister actually had a collection! They are now in my attic waiting for Leila's little hands. I don't remember any pop-up one though. Looks like we will have to add to our collection:)

  15. Our Little Fam says

    So fun you celebrate both!! I love the Bernstein bears books, we have a few but I gotta add to the collection!

  16. Jan says

    Great pictures! I've never seen the Hanukkah Harry book, but it sounds really cute. I'm going to look for it for 2 neighbor girls who celebrate Hannukah. Thanks!