Family Photo Shoot!!

I have a very good friend who is an amazing photographer and she generously offered to photograph us. Here is our photo shoot in the pumpkin patch. I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!


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  1. brit says

    Aww I love these! Your family is so beautiful! When I was scrolling down I was thinking "oh that one's my favorite, no, that one is.." so I decided they're all my favorite! =)

  2. Nykki says

    What a gorgeous family! All the photos turned out so well, and it looks like you all had a great time :)

  3. Melissa @ Filling Our Bucket says

    Great pictures!! Who is the friend? I am in the market for a photographer for family pictures this winter. ;)

  4. Judy Haughton-James says

    Very beautiful family pictures Melissa! I can see that you and your family have had an enjoyable Halloween. Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Sean Marie says

    Oh my gosh! These are so beautiful! You're lucky to have such a talented friend and my goodness your children are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the one of you and your daughter. So classic and timeless.

  6. Kim says

    Oh those turned out SO GOOD!!! I LOVE the black and white ones, and the one with the kids on your shoulders…it's hard to pick a fav!

  7. Maria says

    melissa, these are absolutely precious!! i seriously love every single one of them!! i can't even take zane in his pumpkin outfit and hayley is such a pretty little girl! you have a gorgeous family! the weather looks like it was perfect and i love how much your children want to smile for the camera!
    happy halloween!! and a happy tuesday to you!
    maria <3

  8. KERRY says

    Aww they are absolutely adorable pics!! The first one of your daughter is so pretty and look at little Zane in that last one, so cute!! Hayley looks like her mummy :)
    Lovely family xo

  9. Lane says

    Beautiful photos! I love the one with your daughter hugging your baby. How precious is that!?


  10. Carissa says

    Beautiful Family! Baby Zane looks just like his daddy, and that girlie is so pretty! Love it!

  11. Spilled Milkshake says

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! That little guy is a ham! You are so lucky to have a friend photographer.

    You have an amazingly adorable family!

  12. Veronica Lee says

    What a gorgeous family!! Love the pics!!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  13. The McFall's says

    These are great pictures!! Everyone is getting family pictures and now I'm really wanting our own!

  14. Amy says

    Oh what a wonderful photo shoot.. Your Family is so sweet.. I am now back to blogging again.. Thanks for taking my button..

  15. Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass says

    Great pictures! You and EVERY member of your family are just BEAUTIFUL! :) You've really captured some great moments.

  16. Candice says

    Such great photos, Mel! As I went through them, I said "I like that one", "oh and that one too"….until I was saying to for every one :)

  17. OverMom says

    Love the pics! Love love love love them all! Black and white are always my favorites. I am so glad you choose to post these, everyone looks amazing. :)

  18. Erin says

    Oh my, these turned out so beautifully! I don't know why you were nervous to post them because you look amazing!! I must say my favorite is the one with Hayley and Zane. Hope you're doing well momma :)

  19. Shelomita says

    Cute pics!..I am visiting from MBS ALexa hop and just left a review for you. I have grabbed your button too to put it in my button collection page. I really enjoy reading your blog! I hope you would visit me back and return the favor :)

  20. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Seriously adorable photos! You have a beautiful family. I love the one where you're smiling at your little guy–so cute!

  21. LOVE MELISSA:) says

    Wow!! Thanks so much for all the nice words. It really feels nice so a huge Thank you!!!!

  22. Sheri says

    I said this on twitter but I love every single one of these! You are just stunning, really. Your family is adorable and those smiles! LOVE.

  23. Amy says

    You have such a beautiful family! I cannot get over how much hair your little guy has, and that he already has had a hair cut! Sooo cute!

  24. euregirlsandboys says

    I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading for the week – I love these pictures so, so much!

  25. 4Eighteen says

    Your family is adorable! Love these pictures. Also, the wine things in your next post are pretty sweet! I am going to go check them out. I totally agree with your "zen" comment. = ) Have a great weekend!