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I am always planning some sort of function. I like to plan events such as wine/cheese night with my girls, football tailgating, and book club. When my guests ask me what to bring, I am always at a loss since I never really organize this part of my party. What ends up happening is we end up with 15 bottles of wine. While this is nice and wine certainly goes a long way, it would be nice to have a way to organize my party to tell guests what is needed. Even from the side of being a party goer, I would love to know what to bring.

Then I learned about a site called SignUp Genius. It makes organizing any type of party effortless. No more writing down on a sheet what you are supposed to bring to that Christmas potluck. I know for me, I end up writing down what I am to bring, only to lose the paper the next day. With SignUp Genius, it takes all the guessing out of party planning. Basically with this system, you can make your sign-up sheet electronic and send to your friends via email. All your party information will be sent along with the sign-up list. You can virtually plan any sort of party you want. I know for us moms, organization is necessary.

How does it work?

I will easily guide you through it. First step is picking what type of party you are going to do.  I have selected to do a Patriot football party. We will need a lot of food and drinks because with football comes eating/drinking. 

After you selected your group, you have to pick a theme. They have many pages of exciting themes to pick. I chose the Italian theme as I thought it would be cute to do all Italian food and wines.

Next you select the day/time of your party. You can also do a timed party such as a beauty consulting party where each guest has a certain time slot to meet with the beauty consultant. The variety is limitless on 


After this is done, you can fill in the details of what you would like your guest to bring. 

Then you preview your invitation and send it off to your friends. So simple!

SignUp Genius will send all your invited guest a reminder so they do not forget. When you plan a party, they will save your template so you can see how you designed your past parties. On the site, they also provide you with prompt and personalized support for all of their users. You will also find a plethora of planning resources.

I definitely am going to continue to use this service. The best part is it is FREE!

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  1. Isra says

    Perfect post timing! I'm about to plan a mommies party for OralB and I always run into the problem of organizing details of the party! This really is "genius" Thanks for the step by step so easy!

  2. Summer says

    I use Sign Up Genius to coordinate the parties and goodie bags for my son's 5th grade class. It's great!

  3. Tonya says

    This is so great!! When I write down the things I need to remember to take to a party, I end up losing the list too. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Crystal H. says

    That is awesome! As soon as I get out of my tiny apartment and get a house I am having TONS of parties. : )

  5. Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] says

    That looks pretty interesting. It's hard to imagine anyone not having access to the internet in today's day and age, and this is much nicer than a facebook group/event.

  6. Maria says

    thanks so much for sharing, melissa! this is a wonderful idea! i love how easy it is to use. and you're right, wine does go a long way. hahaha that happens a lot. we have more booze than food. oops! ;)
    i will pass this along to my husband too. i know he would love this site!!
    you rock!
    maria <3