Family Game Night For Some Family Fun! #DipDipHooray #Cbias

Before we had kids, my husband and I would have a monthly night of just sitting at home and playing some board games. It was always such a fun time just relaxing with some good food and game play. Once Hayley came along, we were no longer able to have our usual date nights, [...]

All ready for July 4th with my favorite International Delight recipe! #IcedDelight #Cbias

I told you a few weeks back how in love with International Delight Iced Coffee I am. I found it at Walmart and it was like finding liquid gold. Truly-I might even be addicted! I used to spend so much money in the summers past buying crazy amount of iced coffee at my local [...]

Amping up my Iced Coffee this summer with International Delight #IcedDelight #Cbias #SocialFabric

So, here is the deal- I am a huge coffee drinker! However, I can not drink hot coffee in the summer. I’d rather be caffeine deprived than deal with hot coffee in 90 degree weather. At least once a day I go to my local coffee shop and order a huge iced coffee and end [...]

Heading my way into summer with a cool International Delight Mocha Caramel Frappe #IcedDelight #Cbias

Today was a sweltering 101 degrees. While I am all for the summer, I hate humidity. So, I decided today would be a good time to go to Sam’s Club and do my shopping for the week. I rounded up the troops and headed to my local Sam’s Club. I had so many items [...]

Post Bowls of Hope- Fighting Childhood Hunger! #PostCFK #Cbias

A few months back, I participated in the Champions for Kids Simple Project and I absolutely felt so unbelievably good helping out such a wonderful organization. Today, I am back, because I recently just participated in their newest June Simple Project- Post Bowls of Hope. This simple project revolves around helping fight childhood hunger and [...]