Feeling Fabulous After Pregnancy


It’s no secret that any mom might feel a bit deflated after giving birth – in more ways than one! There seems to be so much pressure these days around women getting back to their pre-pregnancy shape soon after given birth. Celebs do it all the time – so why can’t we? Well, because we don’t have a team of baby-sitters and personal trainers to

Guest post: Hi I am Melissa Dell!

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Hi everyone, My name is Melissa Dell, and I’m jealous of Melissa on vacation! I hope she and the fam are having a great time and I’m glad she asked if I could guest blog for her while she was out!  I have to tell you, since spending more time on Twitter, I’m amazed at how many Melissa’s are circling on the net.  Growing up

Traveling to Rhode Island anytime soon- Come read!

Today, I am guest posting on HotelCoupons.com. I was very honored that I was selected for this position to write about Rhode Island and incorporate family friendly places from my state.  Please check out the link all about Rhode Island and the states’ wonderful activities for kids! ENJOY! Hope to see you in my state soon!  

Guest post: Things I am looking forward to with a toddler


Hey Mommyhood Chronicles readers. I’m so excited to be blogging today, while Melissa is away enjoying Hawaii. I’m Amber, and I blog over at Educating Miss Amber. I’m a teacher and first-time mom to Liam, who’s going to be one on May 1st.     As Liam has gotten closer to turning one and as the toddler years quickly approach, I’ve found myself oscillating between

Guest Post: Baby Etiquette- humor!

Hi I’m Candice aka The New Modern Momma. I’m a first time mom to a little girl, Gabriella who is now seventeen months. A wife of nearly six years to my college sweetheart. And cook and baker extraordinaire. I hope you enjoyed my post on “Baby Etiquette”. I have written four posts on the topic since I started blogging last year and I’m certain that