Disney’s Pete’s Dragon now available on DVD and a Pete’s Dragon Digital Code Giveaway!

Pete's Dragon

This past August I took my kids to see Pete’s Dragon in the theater. I absolutely LOVED it! It was beautifully done and brought a childhood classic to life, that I can then introduce to my kids. Seeing the live action of Pete’s Dragon was absolutely magical. Now just in time for the holidays, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon is available on Digital HD, Blu-ray™, Disney Movies Anywhere,

BuildUp Display – Build with no Limits! Perfect Holiday gift for kids!


BuildUp Display is a new way for kids to build with blocks. How many times have you seen your kids try to do something with their blocks that just doesn’t work because there’s no way to get the blocks where they want them?! The traditional way of building is all in one dimension. Everything has to be flat. The thing is, kids don’t imagine and

Make Learning Fun with Alpha-Mania Adventures Kids Books and a Giveaway!

Alpha Adventures

Make learning fun with Alpha-Mania Adventures. Alpha-Mania Adventures gets kids excited about learning with a fun approach to learning phonological awareness and phonics. It does this by using an interactive, play-based storybook that draws kids in and gets them excited about what they’re doing. It’s a great way to help kids with reading skills and to make learning fun. *This is a sponsored post. All

Check out this AWESOME parenting app! -BabyTime!


When a parenting app comes out, that gets me excited as a mom. I need to share it with all of you! Enter BabyTime, which promotes confident parenting! BabyTime is available on the Apple App store now and is the ultimate Babyapp! The best part of the app aside from the functionality is that it is FREE! Yes a free app that will help with