LittleMissMatched Makes the Most Adorable Socks!

LittleMissMatched Socks

I love shopping for socks. I know I am so weird but honestly I love it! I also love to pick out the most fun socks for my kids and I. That is why I was so excited when LittleMissMatched contacted me to send me some of their favorite socks. Just as the name says, LittleMissMatched features socks that are mismatched but perfect compliments to each other.

Make Teething Better with Wellements Baby Tooth Oil!

tooth pain

As a mom of three and a dentist, I know what a struggle teething can be.  The number one complaint I get working as a dentist with babies is teething discomfort! I feel for my patients and their parents because I have been there and am there currently!  When teeth erupt, your little one’s sensitive gums get so inflamed and sore. It’s not an easy

Life is Simpler for Me with CVS Digital Receipts

CVS Pharmacy app

Life is simpler for me these days with CVS digital receipts available at CVS Pharmacy. I recently talked about CVS and their digital receipts, ExtraCare Rewards program. Their new CVS Pharmacy app has made my life much easier. Today, I want to talk about just how exactly life is simpler for me thanks to these options from CVS, especially their digital receipts. Life is Simpler

Cinnamon Puffins – The Perfect Cereal for the Holidays and a Puffins Giveaway!


Cinnamon Puffins, only one of the delicious all-natural offerings from Barbara’s, is the perfect breakfast treat for the holidays. And because of its classic cinnamon flavor, it also makes a great base for delicious holiday recipes. With Barbara’s Cinnamon Puffins, you can have a delicious cinnamon treat for breakfast or bake it up into any number of delicious holiday desserts for the season. Cinnamon Puffins are

First Check – Protect Your Kids from Drugs!


First Check is a home drug testing company that helps parent protect their kids from drugs. By using this home drug testing service, you can easily test your kids for a variety of drugs in their system. This makes it a great tool for parents who are worried that their children may be going down the wrong path or as a way for kids to