American Heritage Chocolate Press Trip and a Pound of American Heritage Chocolate Giveaway!


I sent my contributor Jen on a press trip for The Mommyhood Chronicles. Travel, compensation and accommodations provided. All her opinions are her own and not swayed by outside sources. I took a step back in time with Historic Philadelphia last week, and it was SO much fun! Through interpretation, interaction, and education, Historic Philadelphia, Inc. provides a destination to experience American history like no other. They

Family Vacation Tips – Take the Stress Out of Travel at Hershey World and a Family 4 pack to Hershey’s Chocolate World Giveaway!


A family vacation should be all about fun and decompressing form the stress of day to day life. It shouldn’t be about adding more stress on top of it. Proper planning and forethought can help make your family vacation fun instead of an exercise in how much stress two adults can take. These tips will help make that happen. Destressing the Family Vacation One of

Boppy Skin Care for New Moms and a Boppy Baby Chair Giveaway!


As a mom of three small children, Boppy is one company I have always turned to since my littlest one was born. Boppy is the company that makes award winning products such as the Boppy pillows, Boppy Newborn Lounger, Boppy Slipcover, Boppy Baby Chair and so much more! Boppy company has won award after award for their nationally recognized products including the prestigious American Baby