Living with IBS – Using Picture My IBS to Express the Impact of The Disease!


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Picture My IBS initiative.  This is based on my loved one’s personal experience and may not be representative of everyone’s experience.  Living with IBS is something that many people have to do. Yet, ,even though it’s such a widespread issues, most people are reluctant to talk about it. That’s why I was eager to help share the

Make Teething Better with Wellements Baby Tooth Oil!

tooth pain

As a mom of three and a dentist, I know what a struggle teething can be.  The number one complaint I get working as a dentist with babies is teething discomfort! I feel for my patients and their parents because I have been there and am there currently!  When teeth erupt, your little one’s sensitive gums get so inflamed and sore. It’s not an easy

Life is Simpler for Me with CVS Digital Receipts

CVS Pharmacy app

Life is simpler for me these days with CVS digital receipts available at CVS Pharmacy. I recently talked about CVS and their digital receipts, ExtraCare Rewards program. Their new CVS Pharmacy app has made my life much easier. Today, I want to talk about just how exactly life is simpler for me thanks to these options from CVS, especially their digital receipts. Life is Simpler