Reduce Energy Costs with Direct Energy! #DirectEnergyRhodeIsland


Reduce energy costs by shopping around when you can. While you can’t shop for all utility providers, you can now pick and choose providers for one of the most potentially costly utilities in your home – electricity. Thanks to Rhode Island’s deregulation, you can now shop around for energy providers, allowing you to reduce energy costs. And one of the best companies to help you

Oral Care – A Big Part of Overall Health!


Oral care is a huge part of a child’s overall health. We all know how hard it can be to get our kids to brush their teeth, but as a dentist, trust me, it’s worth it. Children are stinkers about brushing, which can lead to bad breath and tooth/gum issues. A good oral care regime – and enforcing that regime – can help prevent childhood

Protect Your Eyes – Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy with Spektrum!


Protect your eyes at all costs. You only get one set, and they can feel the strain of day to day life. That’s especially true these days with more computer and tech jobs and more and more techno-gadgetry out there. Our eyes get a huge workout everyday. And while most of us can’t and/or won’t change what we do on our devices, it’s easy to

Eating Better – Crushing Hunger and My New Year’s Goal!

Weight loss

  This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Meta Appetite Control.   Eating better is my New Year’s goal. To be honest, it’s almost always my New Year’s goal. And that’s mainly because I never really stick to it. Oh, I’m good at getting in my running and my water. I love to run, and drinking water is relatively easy. But eating better is an entirely