Teletubbies new Bubbles DVD and a Teletubbies Giveaway with a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Did you know that Teletubbies is celebrating ’20 years of big hugs’ is 2017?! Teletubbies is one show I remember as an older child and now I can introduce my family to the Teletubbies. The one who embraces the show the most is my almost 3 year old, Taylor, who is now fully obsessed. She can’t go to sleep without cuddling her Teletubbies plush and when I wake her up in the morning, she is ready to go for the day with the Teletubbies in hand!

Teletubbies now has a new DVD out called Teletubbies Bubbles which is being released on June 20th. We have been watching this DVD non stop since we received it, and I have to tell you that Taylor can not get enough. What I love about it is it is released into 6 episodes and they are short, so you can watch one, take a break, and pick it back up. Kids will love this Teletubbies Video as as the Teletubbies chase and pop bubbles, play with a magical music box and groove to the energetic Tubby Phone Dance.Teletubbies

Teletubbies have a lot of developmental benefits including helping young children develop their physical, emotional, and cognitive skills in a warm, loving, and playful environment. Your kids can explore, experiment, experience, and enjoy life through their little friends. I know my kids are slightly addicted to the Teletubbies and I am all for it because it is a show they can have fun with while learning too.

During the episodes, the Teletubbies push a button on their belly and they are transported to a scene with real life children. The first episode revolves are bubbles which my kids LOVE! We love anything related to bubbles here so it was fun to watch, and then to go outside to play with bubbles. My kids love to see who makes the biggest bubble!Teletubbies

unnamed-1To get everyone in the mood for the Teletubbies Bubbles DVD we did a fun craft with bubbles. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!Teletubbies

Teletubbies is designed to help young children develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills in a warm, loving, playful environment. It’s about exploring, experimenting, experiencing and enjoying life.Teletubbies is designed to help young children develop their physical, emotional and cognitivuCRAFT WITH BUBBLES-MAKING A BUBBLE JAR:

1. Fill a small plastic bottle half full of water.unnamed-10

2.Add a few drops of food coloring, if desired.

unnamed-113.Add baby oil or mineral oil to completely fill the jar.unnamed-12

unnamed-134. Secure the bottle tightly. Then slowly tilt the bottle from side to side. When this occurs, the liquid in the jar resembles waves. Bubbles can be created by shaking the bottle. Encourage the children to observe these reactions.unnamed-14

Make some of your own magic with the Teletubbies today!unnamed-15

unnamed-17WIN IT: One winner will receive a Teletubbies package including  Bubbles, Big Hugs, and Twinkle Twinkle DVDs (3 Teletubbies DVD) and a $25 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to visit the Teletubbies and tell me your favorite thing about about this DVD. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling it out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck! 
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  1. David Hollingsworth says

    I like the fact that it is unique, and it shows kids that there is nothing wrong with being different.

  2. Samantha Martin says

    I was 11 when teletubbies made it big in my area. Everyone loved them! I know my son does to.

  3. Misty says

    It includes 6 new episodes including “Bubbles” which is currently my Granddaughter’s favorite hobby.

  4. Chrissy says

    I love that I don’t have to worry about what content will be in the show and that it will be age appropriate and entertaining for my daughter.

  5. wen budro says

    My favorite is the classic teletubbies: fan favorites. My kids love watching the teletubbies and I find them relaxing.

  6. Theresa Jenkins says

    to tell you the truth, I don’t know why, but the Teletubbies are one of the things that seems to hold her interest and we have her here alot

  7. Birdie Skolfield says

    My fave feature is that the 3 teletubbies DVDs the lil ones just love thos rolly polly little guys

  8. Gina M says

    My favorite feature is that this one is about bubbles! My son is mesmerized by them!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. Cynthia R says

    They really enjoy the fun music and characters and dancing. I enjoy they enjoy it so much they will let me rest!

  10. Linda Moffitt says

    They are cute characters. I really like that the DVD is about bubbles. My Daughter LOVES Bubbles.

  11. Lauryn R says

    This DVD looks awesome because it’s bubble themed! What kid doesn’t love bubbles?! I love watching the Teletubbies with my kids as well, it is so cute. :)

  12. elishia bakle says

    I didn’t know you can make bubbles out of baby oil! Thanks for the tip going to try it this week!

  13. Kimmy Ripley says

    This was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. My Chloe Pearl would be so thrilled to win!

  14. Carly Daring says

    My son is 16 months old and loves bubbles so I think that is what he would love about this DVD!


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