Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone! Have any fun plans?!

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5. I gave Hayley my old phone so she can use it to text her. Now she gets into bed at night and texts us the funniest emoljis and such. It is so cute. Love that girl so much!

4. Taylor is potty trained. Three cheers for her!17191254_10155015802604356_7217844628750026414_n

3. Zane loves to play on his chrome book. He finds the weirdest toy videos. I have know idea how he searches this out but we do have parent restraints on searching for the kids:)

These are just plain funny! I will have to find one.

2. Taylor loves to follow Zane around and bother him. She says that he and his dad are her best friends. What about me Tay Tay?! I only birthed you!

1. My cute little family!16997762_10154993442179356_6588155144309606501_n



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