Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone! Tonight is my daughter’s Father-Daughter dance. I can’t wait!

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5. Taylor asked to go in a big girl bed. I told her in a few months. She said, “Okay..Then I just climb out of my crib!” I told her she better not. I think she knew I meant business.

4.  Hayley is going to her dance tonight. She needed to make sure her outfit was perfect. She is SUCH A GIRLY GIRL!

3. Zane loves to wear unmatched socks. I always tell him we can buy new ones and he just says, “Nah mom.. I like to be different!’ Okay then LOL!

2. Can you stand it?! 17098349_10154994053089356_3351615013521780465_n

1. Yesterday on Dr. Seuss Day:16997762_10154993442179356_6588155144309606501_n
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