Summer Infant Modern Home Gate Review + Giveaway!

*I work with Summer’s Infant. My sister was a blog contributor on this post. All her opinions are her own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Finally! A gate that is steady, secure, fits most stair openings, and looks beautiful. Added bonus for a product that takes less than 30 minutes to install, and doesn’t cause major havoc in a relationship!

I had the chance to review the Summer Infant Modern Home Gate, and jumped at the chance. The reason I was so excited was because I had the most difficult time finding a gate that was sturdy and looked good in the house. Once my toddler Alexa was running around the house, I knew it was time to find a gate. I usually do a lot of purchases online, but I was having a hard time finding a nice gate online. The reviews were dismal.Summer Infant gate

One day, hubby and I visited home depot. There was a very small selection of basic gates, so we invested in one that costs about $100. When we took it home, we realized the installation was more difficult that it seemed, and we actually hired a handyman to install. The process took him about 90 minutes, and involved sawing to make the gate fit. It worked OK for the first two weeks or so, and then guess what? It became faulty. It stopped closing all the way and got loose all the time. It put me in a severe panic. It was hard to leave my toddler alone in the living room, when I was in the kitchen or even the bathroom without thinking the worst. When it comes to safety and the true dangers of stairs, I know something needed to change. Every time hubby came up the stairs, I checked that the gate was actually closed. It gave me such a headache. Hubby and I got in SO MANY FIGHTS about the darn gate!

And then, almost magically, one day the email came to my inbox asking if I wanted to review the Summer Infant Modern Home Gate! It looked stunning on the email, and I noticed the cost to buy was less than $50. I always have found great comfort in Summer Infant Products, so I was way excited to try.
Summer Infant GateIt took just a few days to get to my house. I think I have insinuated above, but my husband HATES putting together ANYTHING having to do with furniture or baby furniture. He does not have patience, and honestly I am just not great with it either. I find myself being a cheerleader a lot of the time, and forcing him to finish a project. Most of the time, cheering him on doesn’t work and I resort to name calling, which starts major arguments. When the Summer Infant Modern Home Gate came, he gave me a multitude of reasons why he just couldn’t install. The most major was it would be much easier to install with a drill, and he didn’t have time to go to the store. After a few weeks of waiting and knowing we had to put the gate in, I finally went to the Home Depot and purchased a drill.

This weekend was our weekend to install! So, after my toddler’s nap, we got to work. Hubby commented that this gate already looked much easier than the other one. We found the directions super simple. I’m not kidding when I say there was no fighting and it took maybe 30 minutes in total to get it perfectly stable and steady. Hubby was thrilled! It made for a very nice Saturday!

All weekend long, he commented “this is a MUCH better gate”. “This makes our house look even nicer”. We love that there is NO WAY our toddler can open the gate by herself. It was the topic of the weekend. It is totally childproof. We love that its actually very beautiful and expensive looking. It fit perfectly into our large opening for the stairway. It actually closes by itself, meaning the second you leave the gate, it slams shut. No more making sure sixteen times that it is closed!

We would hard pressed to find a better, more sturdy and secure, and nice looking gate. Easy installation, beautifully crafted, extremely safe, and beautiful to look at- we couldn’t be happier! I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this gate for your home safety needs. And personally, I would pay double for this gate than the retail price. It’s quite a good deal.

Hubby felt so good about this, that the next day he tackled another piece of furniture. Too bad that one wasn’t as easy.

Giveaway: One winner will receive this gate. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to visit Summer Infant and tell me your favorite feature of this gate. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling it out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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  1. Angela P says

    My favorite feature is the auto close I remember when I had my son and daughter we didn’t got auto close doors and I keep forgetting to shoot them all the way, this time around we have so many stairs around the house multi levels and will be getting auto close ones, love how this one looks too.

  2. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love the auto-close feature. That is so great to have when you have your hands full of baby!

  3. Linda Szymoniak says

    I simply love the style. We had those ugly, basic wood and plastic baby gates for years (even before having kids, since I had a puppy I needed to keep safe). This is SO much prettier than those gates could ever be.

  4. Lissa Crane says

    I literally like every feature about this gate, but if I have to choose one as a favorite, it has to be the decorative arched doorway with bronze finish! I have never seen a gate that looks this beautiful! It looks like it was hand made for your house, and not awkward, white, or bulky like every other baby gate I have ever seen. It’s fabulous looking, which is important, since it has to be a part of your home for years!

  5. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I love everything about this baby gate this is just what we need at our home for when our grandson is here

  6. Lauryn R says

    My favorite features of these gates is how beautiful they are and the easy installation! I have three littles under 7 so a gate is definitely still needed.

  7. HilLesha says

    I like the that it’s equipped with an auto-close feature which gently closes the gate door behind you, as well as a hold-open mechanism that keeps the door open when needed.

  8. tabitha says

    My fav feature is the arched doorway. I also would love the Wide View™ 2.0 Duo 2-Camera Digital Color Video Monitor Set.

  9. Debbie Clauer says

    I like all the features and the decorative arched doorway with bronze finish really sets it off.

  10. Wendy McBride says

    I love the auto-close feature. That is so great to have when you have your hands full with baby!

  11. Ashley C says

    i love the beautiful design! That arch on it makes it quite eye catching for a gate! I also LOVE that you can set it up hold open when needed

  12. Jackie says

    Tension gates should never be used for the top of stairs…this is a terrible and dangerous review!

  13. Christina Holliday says

    I love the auto-close feature and the durable steel frame. This is such a pretty baby gate!

  14. Rebecca O. says

    I love the looks & price of this gate!
    FYI though, this gate should not be used at the top of stairs. Only gates that are hardware mounted (not pressure mounted) & do not have a bar across the bottom should be used at the top of stairs. I had no idea until I started researching baby gates. This is a great price for this gate though!

  15. Lena says

    I love the beautiful decorative doorway, self closing and keeping open feature and the 2 included extenders. Gorgeous gate!

  16. Jennifer Smock says

    I have to say, the design makes this gate stand out for sure. I like that it is able to fit wider spots and the overall protection this gate provides but I’m sold on the design. Our house is over run with baby items and childproofing but this isn’t one of those eye-sore baby items.

  17. Rachael Bleymaier says

    I like the fact that it is made of steel instead of plastic and that it has a gentle auto-close feature for times when you can’t use your hands.

  18. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I think the auto close feature is the best part. The older kids are always neglecting to close the gate!

  19. Frances hall says

    I absolutely love this gate. Everything from the design, easy installation, to the automatic shut. It’s not easy carrying a baby and opening and closing the gate so the automatic shut feature reassures me that I don’t have to fiddle with it to get it to close or that my youngest will try and escape. It seems sturdy and reliable to get the job done for safety purposes.

  20. Monica Cobbs says

    The appearance is the most appealing to me. It doesn’t look like a safety product. It would go nicely in our home.

  21. Ashley Taylor says

    My favorite feature is….it’s pretty! I also love that it closes behind you. Perfect for the house as my daughter just learned to walk…I’m gate shopping now!

  22. Carrie G says

    I love that it’s easy to install and it closes behind you. I find myself climbing over the ugly plastic gate we have now because it’s such a pain in the bum to open and close.

  23. Cindy Peterson says

    I appreciate this gate does not detract from the interior design of the house, it becomes a part of the design.

  24. Jill Rivera says

    Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate (Bronze) Item #07600BZ my granddaughter has a habit of throwing toy and everything else down the stair. Her brother will be big soon and chances are he will do the same thing.

  25. Chelsey Bennett says

    I like the auto close feature. Very nice for the top of the stairs when I might be trying to get my daughter into her room or carry an arm-full of things

  26. Robert Brown says

    I like the auto-close feature, very convenient for those of us without three hands.

  27. E. Diane Macauley says

    I love that it is pressure mounted OR hard installed for above stairs. That added security just spells peace of mind to me. And so pretty. nothing at all like the old school wood or plastic ones that I grew up with.

  28. Dawn Schmidt says

    Visited the site and my favorite feature is the auto-close feature which gently closes the gate door behind you. So helpful when you have other children in the home (and pets)

  29. Brigitte Bauman says

    I love the Safety Alerts Recall link. It makes it easier to get info on products that have problems.

  30. Kammie Garcia says

    Right off the bat, my favorite feature is the design, followed by the price tag. Who knew baby gates could be elegant and affordable?

  31. Ally says

    I love that it has a hold open feature. There are times when I get so frustrated with having the gate up!

  32. jennifer galindo says

    My favorite feature is that there is a decorate arch design. You normally just get a slotted design. I also like that it comes in black and white not just wood or white. Fantastic find indeed.

  33. Marissa Cooper says

    The design is beautiful but I really like the hands-free convenience, closes the gate door behind you, as well as keeping the door open when needed.

  34. Kim Keithline says

    My favorite feature is an auto-close feature which gently closes the gate door behind you

  35. Robin DIaz says

    I like that it doesn’t look like an eyesore baby gate! Would love to win this :) we’ve got a very curious crawler over here… who thinks dog food is suitable for her consumption.

  36. Valerie Mabrey says

    I love the hands free feature so with the grandbaby would be so easy.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com