Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy weekend everyone! It is still mighty cold here but we are getting ready to go skiing! Hope you all have a great weekend with whatever you hop

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5. Tay is almost potty trained. She likes to go around the house telling us all how she loves to poop and pee on the potty. Then she tells us she needs M+Ms around the clock. Bribery at the finest!  It worked!

4. Zane is obsessed with Yo Kai. He told me he wants all things Yo Kai for his birthday. I told him birthday gifts are surprises but he told us, “No I am going to make it easy on you to find a gift for me.” THAT KID!

3. We are going to Florida next week and Taylor thinks we are going everyday. She doesn’t understand waiting. What 2 year old does!!

2. Zane told us he loves his sister so much. So endearing until he goes in and starts pushing her down. They have such a love hate relationship! He does not like when she takes his toys. Can’t blame him!

1. My love on Valentine’s Day! 16640678_10154947065534356_8761010182206336968_n






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