My Interview with Chris Pratt, Peter Quill!!! #GotGVol2

*Disney/Marvel provided us an all expense paid trip to visit the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Atlanta. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Peter Quill (Star -Lord)  is BACK and better than before! That is right- Christ Pratt will continue on with his role as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  When I visited Pinewood Studios last May, I had the chance to meet Chris Pratt! I know I am one lucky girl to meet such an extraordinary actor but also such an amazingly good looking actor. As I would have suspected, he was a pure gentleman and he was so nice to us bloggers. As he is in Guardians, he is also completely funny in real life. It was AMAZING to interview this genius actor!Guardians of the Galaxy


Chris PRatt

He started out asking how us mommas were!  He had a very long day on set when he stopped to talk to us. He wanted to see how we were doing which was so sweet.


Question 1:    So what’s it like being back?


He told us it is really great!


“This  movie is coming at the end of a long run of jobs that I’ve had. I have been fortunate to have three movies back to back.    So this is the third one and I will have been on the road for 13 or 14 months by the time this is over.”


“So it feels like the perfect movie to have as the third movie, because it is so good! I don’t want to compare them, they’re all different, and I love them all but it’s just James is so good, he knows exactly what he wants. We all know the characters, everyone’s gotten better since the last movie. I’d say we’d really had to pick up right where we left off.”


He told us everyone was on their A game during this filming. He told us the days shooting are very manageable and the story is spread out enough to where they have days off. He loves this because then he can visit his wife Anna and son.



Question 2:    When you saw this script, what was your first thought?


He told us he was first introduced to the story when he was sitting with James Gunn in his living room. He never got the script first, just was told the story.


“It was before the script had been written and when he told me it, I was captivated. I’m so moved and impressed by this story. It’s completely different from the first movie, but similar in that’s it’s really going to surprise people and I think be really good. But it’s not going to be one of these sequels that’s just a rehash of what they did in the first movie. It’s taking a big leap forward.”


“So for me, hearing that story for the first time, I just felt so lucky that he’s the dude in charge of this franchise. Because he has such an awesome idea and he really is the only one who could bring that idea to the big screen without screwing it up.”


Then we talked about the music and the awesomeness of it. As I mentioned yesterday, we are told that the music might even be better than the first Guardians (if that is even possible).


“I’m telling you his mom had even better taste and probably a little bit more money in volume two. So the songs are in primo and used without being distracting. And in this movie, once you see the movie, you’ll understand more of what I mean, that the music is used even more as a narrative tool than the first one.”

 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Question 3:    On that note, do you have a favorite song? I know you can’t tell us about this one, but from the last movie, do you have a favorite if you had to pick a favorite?


He started by telling us that he listened to the soundtrack the entire time he was filming the movie so by the time the movie came out, he hated the music. He was kidding obviously:) He only had this soundtrack a month when we talked to him and he said every single song is plain awesome!


 Question 4:    Do you you still train for your role?


He still trained and worked out a lot for the second movie. He said he might have not went as far as the first one because he didn’t need to. He also told us that the shirtless scene was filmed very early on. I can’t wait for that!!


“I was still in good shape for the last couple of movies. But, I am more in maintenance for this role than I was for the first.”


He then told us the leather jacket he wears is 50 pounds. I could not believe that!


“The first time I ever put that jacket on, that was the first time I ever really felt like the character. The first time you see yourself in the outfit, for me at least as an actor, when I’m in the wardrobe and I’m looking at myself, all of a sudden, the weight of that jacket, the way it moves when you walk, is when I found the character for the first time. And Anna says the same thing about her shoes that she wears as character. It’s like she’ll put on the pair of shoes and that’s the first time she really feels it, when she’s literally walking in that person’s shoes.”


Question 5:    Has your son come to set, and what does he think of dad as a superhero?


“Oh yeah, he’s been to set a few times and I can’t really tell. It’s like, it’s all about perspective, like he doesn’t have really a world where he’s lived in where his mom and dad weren’t on TV. That is just a natural thing for him, to see Anna on her show or if an old movie is on or something.”


“That’s life for him. So he comes to set and mostly he’s excited to see me. I think he loves it that there are women and other children that are on set, or there are new people for him to meet and show off. But it he is mostly just excited to see me and same for him.”GuardiansVol25897d15b4b5ba


Question 6: What’s the best review you want someone to say about this movie?


He told us the beauty of these movies is that kids love them but so do adults. Adults will love them because they are brought back to the Saturday morning cartoons which we all watched as kids.


“But with Marvel, I think what they’ve done is they’ve made movies that kids are going to love, because it has all the elements that kids love. But also, really great compelling stories that adults will watch and want their kids to see. What I want kids to walk away with is just an awesome experience. It’s less about what they think about us, but more about who they got to go see that movie with. Such as will they always remember the time they went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with their dad, or their mom, or their uncle. That is what I think about it, it’s not so much about what’s happening in the movie as much as what’s happening for that kid that day.”


Question 7:    Can you talk about the chemistry on set?


He told us it is really fun to be on set! He and the actors all have fabulous relationships. He told us it is work but it is also a ton of fun!


“And so the work part is really fun, but truly the best part is just getting to know people, because that time when you’re sitting around being bored, you actually just start getting to know people. You spend 10, 12, 13 hours with somebody.”


Question 8:    How is it working on CGI on this film versus other films you’ve done?


“I’m getting better at it. I’m having a greater understanding of what we need, what works and what doesn’t. We are a well-oiled machine in that regard.”



See Chris Pratt reprise his role of Peter Quill (aka Star- Lord) in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 coming out May 5th!


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