The Hotel Hershey is the Perfect Vacation Spot During The Christmas Season!

*I am a Hershey Park ambassador. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

I have been very grateful to have worked with Hershey Park the last few years, with the latest being an ambassador. I grew up visiting Hershey Park with my parents and now I can experience this magical place with my own children. In the past few years when we stayed on Hershey property, we stayed at the Hershey Lodge. You can read all about my experiences here: Hershey Lodge.

This past month I had the chance to stay on the sister property, The Hotel Hershey which was absolutely MARVELOUS! The Hershey Hotel is located directly across the street from the Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park, with buses going back and forth every few minutes.

When we entered the hotel, we immediately got our room without any issues. We got there around midnight so we quickly checked out the lobby, but not before eating the delicious chocolate that is complementary to everyone in your party. The lobby in and of itself is GORGEOUS! With it being the holiday season, it was also decorated head to toe with all the Christmas decor. It was truly magical to see it all festive.Hotel Hershey

The rooms are very spacious and we had plenty of room to fit my whole family. We were only in the room for a little bit to sleep because the kids were on the go from 630 AM to 11 PM! They wanted to take it all in. We all had a very comfortable night sleep in the bed and had ample space to move my family of 4 about.

The restaurants on premise include the signature restaurant, The Circular. The other fine establishments include Trevi 5 featuring authentic Italian fare and Harvest which serves genuine American cuisine. Start your day with specialty coffee and pastries at Cocoa Beanery and then after hours, unwind with a signature drink in the Iberian Lounge.

We ended up ordering room service since the kids were too tired and the service was prompt. Within 20 minutes, we had piping hot food that we all stuffed down. Of course, no trip is complete to Hershey without a signature Hershey chocolate martini!

On Sunday morning, we experienced one of the best brunches inside Hotel Hershey at the Circular. Of course, everything had a chocolate flavor but there were plenty of traditional foods like an omelet and waffle station. My husband remarked that he had the best desert he every experienced- goey chocolate sticky buns! YUM!Hotel HersheyHotel Hershey

After breakfast, we checked out the pool area. The kids LOVED playing in the pool and splash pad, while we loved hitting up the hot tub! It was quiet there that day so we had practically the whole pool to ourselves. It was SO NICE!! The only thing missing is we didn’t get a chance to visit the spa. I heard it is wonderful and it is on my bucket list to do at my next visit.Hotel Hershey

Here are some of their specials at the spa:Hershey HotelThis holiday season there is no better way to celebrate than to visit  The Hershey Hotel! Truly magical in every sense of the word! To make reservations, be sure to check out The Hotel Hershey and most of all HAVE FUN!Hotel Hershey


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