Soothe Teething with Wellements Baby Tooth Oil!

Help teething with Wellements Baby Tooth Oil. Many teething products available today contain unnecessary synthetic ingredients, which is not something I recommend personally or as a dentist!  No matter how safe anything claims to be, we all know that research changes. What is considered safe today can be found to be toxic or have some sort of adverse side effect tomorrow. So when I found a product that can help teething by using simple, clean ingredients, I was excited.Wellements baby oil

*I was compensated by Wellements for this review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*


Safe Teething Alternatives

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. It’s heartbreaking when our little ones are in pain because of erupting teeth. The salivating and crying – sometimes screaming – are just awful. I know it hurts my heart terribly when my little Tay started to teeth. She was so uncomfortable, and I did everything I could to make her feel better. I tried freezing wet rags, which helped a little. I tried teething toys, which also helped somewhat. Eventually, I had to give her a topical teething ointment. I wasn’t crazy about that, because I don’t like using medications – internal or topical – if I don’t have to, but she was just so miserable. I wish I had known about Wellements Baby Tooth Oil!


Wellements is a company after my own heart. Their simple piece of advice is this: Check the ingredients. They believe in making products with simple ingredients and without out all the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives, to help keep baby happy and healthy, and that extends to their Baby Tooth Oil.


With Wellements Baby Tooth Oil, you can help teething with a product that uses only five carefully selected ingredients – olive oil, clove bud, stevia, spearmint, and Vitamin E. It’s easy to apply to baby’s gums, and it’s safe for everyday use starting from the age of four months. Another thing that I love about Wellements Baby Tooth Oil is that it’s not homeopathic. It doesn’t use anything like benzocaine or belladonna. Wellements uses organic ingredients whenever possible and leaves out unnecessary dyes, chemicals, and additives. That’s important to me. I don’t want anything going into my baby that was made in a lab!


Make Teething Happy the Wellements Way


Help teething with Wellements Baby Tooth Oil, and forego all the weird ingredients that can be found in other products. With Wellements Baby Tooth Oil, you can make teething happy without any unnecessary chemical ingredients, and I love that.



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