Rock-a-Baby New CD available for purchase!! Old MacDonald & Other Historical Figures CD!

I have been at Rock-a-Baby for 8 years between all three of my children. We started Rock-a-Baby when Hayley was a few months old and then I continued on with my other 2. Now Taylor (2.5 years old) is enjoying mommy-daughter time at Rock-a-Baby! If you have never been and live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, I highly recommend you trying them out. You will be rocking out with your children in the most fun way possible. As an adult, I love the music as well! It has some of the greatest hits of all the decades set to music,  that both you and your children will enjoy.Rock a baby

About Rock-a-Baby:

Rock-a-Baby (or R-a-B as our friends call them) is an interactive music program for infants and toddlers. Parents come along for the class or concert as they introduce the stars of our show – Melody, Rhythm and Harmony. Every week they introduce a new theme through music and dance – exploring simple musical concepts through live and recorded sound. Children experience everything from Beethoven and Bach to rap and rock! R-a-B runs in 6 to 12 week sessions and classes are 45 minutes each. And if you can’t get enough in class, you can purchase their 3 CD’s and sing along at home… or for a private gig, they do birthday parties and events.

Rock a babyTo find out more information about attending Rock-a-Baby click here: Location and Times


Comes with coloring book too!

Comes with coloring book too!


A few years ago Rock-a-Baby came out with their first and second CD and both of them are huge hits in our household. Now just in time for the holidays, they released their second CD and I can tell you firsthand, it is EXCELLENT!!!

The name of their third album is called Old MacDonald and Other Historical Figures. The new songs dig deeper into musical concepts like dynamics, range, and chord patterns with the help of puppets named Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. Children explore body movement with the tune, You Can Dance and learn they can ‘save the day’ by counting to four in Count it Off. The music is catchy, fun, and educational. You can’t beat the selection of 16 wonderful tracks on this CD.

This new CD touches on all of those ‘historical’ characters by mixing classics like Old MacDonald and She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain and new favorites like Freeze Out and Dozens of Cousins. Everyone will find a song they will love. Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony lead the brigade on these songs. With tons of great new music, that is both educational and fun, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this CD!


-Count it Off


-She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

-Dozens of Cousins

-The Grand Old Duke of York

-Freeze Out

-Old King Cole

-Harmonic Equation

-Lucky Streak

-Old MacDonald

-You Can Dance

-Sing High and Low


-Benny Got a New Tooth

-Bye, Bye, Baby 111


To purchase Old MacDonald & Other Historical Figures, click here: Rock-a-Baby! Also save $5.00 when you buy a CD and ship to a friend. We LOVE the CD so much and I am sure you all will too! The songs on the CD will also be available on iTunes and Spotify. 


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