Keep Memories Alive with Upthere and ScanMyPhotos

Keep memories alive in a new way with Upthere and ScanMyPhotos. If you’re like me, you’ve got a bazillion digital pictures of everything from birthday parties to your kids’ recitals. If you’re like me, you also wish you had all those cool old photos that your mom and grandmother have. But you don’t. You don’t because they’re all stuck in a photo album that you only get to sway when you manage to squeeze in a visit in between the 5 trillion other things you have to do. BUT there’s a way to keep memories alive in a new way with Upthere and ScanMyPhotos.unnamed-2

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Keep Memories Alive and Protected

Our older relatives have treasure troves of photos. If you flip through any family photo album, you’ll see gems of your grandparents when they were young, your mom as a baby, your dad running across the lawn in his tighty whities and cowboy boots, and more. They are a physical record of times long gone by. They’re special. They’re unique. They are your family. And as cool as the feel of old school photos are, if anything ever happens to them, they’re gone forever. That living record of your family’s history is over. That’s why it’s important to protect and share them at the same time.unnamed-3

Upthere, a leading cloud storage company has partnered with ScanMyPhotos, the leader in photo scanning, to bring you a better way to keep memories alive. By using ScanMyPhotos and Upthere, you can scan those amazing family photos and store them in the cloud so you and your family can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. It’s simple, it’s safe, and you get our photos back, so there’s no need for mom or grandma to worry that their photos will be gone forever.screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-8-36-53-pm

My Journey to Keep Memories Aliveversion2-2

When I was offered the opportunity to work with Upthere and ScanMyPhotos on a project to raise awareness of their service, I jumped on it. If you know me at all, you know I’m all about the photos, be they digital or physical. That’s why I’m so excited about this service. I even have some in my albums from back in the day before smart phones ruled the world.unnamed-1

I immediately sprang into action. I went through my albums to see what goodies I had that I could use. I wanted to go through my mom’s albums as well, but they weren’t scheduled to visit for another few months. It’s cool, though. I found some real winners!

It was SUPER EASY. All I had to do was sign up for the Upthere/ScanMyPhotos deal, and I was off to the pictorial races. Speaking of the deal. It’s amazing. To celebrate the season, the deal is FREE scanning through the end of the year. ┬áThat is a HUGE savings ofup to $150.00!

unnamedAfter that, I just gathered up my photo gems, put them in the ScanMyPhotos box, and mailed them out. Easy peasy. Once the photos arrived and were scanned, I received an email with a link to them in the cloud! It could not have been any easier. Now I have digital copies of some of my most treasured photos, and they’re protected forever.

It’s a great idea to keep memories alive and give great personal gifts this holiday season. Now that my photos have been digitized, I can share them with anyone, anywhere, anytime. What could be better. I can’t wait to pull them up and show my kids all the great memories I recorded with my camera. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the photos that my mom ┬áhave. It’ so exciting!

Keep Memories Alive for the Holidays and Beyond

If you have some amazing photos that you wish you could share – and who doesn’t – send them off to ScanMyPhotos and keep memories alive and protected for the holiday season and beyond. It’s a great way to be able to share some of the most special moments in your family’s history. And with the discount deal from Upthere/ScanMyPhotos, now is the perfect time to do it.

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