Picking Up Healthy Snacks During The Holiday Season At Dunkin’! #KIDDPICKS

*This post is sponsored with Dunkin’ Donuts. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

The holiday season are always so busy! I barely have time to set our schedule and food shopping gets put on the back burner. Thankfully now the kids can get some of the best food option at Dunkin’ Donuts with the new #KIDDPICKS menu. Now in my home state of Rhode Island and in Bristol County, Massachusetts, parents can select wonderful new choices just for their kids with the new KiDD Picks menu. We are so excited about this new menu that now my kids are asking to go twice a day-HAHA!

Dunkin DonutsSome of the best #KIDDPICKS menu items that my kids love include Honest Kids®, Horizon Organic® and Stonyfield®. My kids love the new Stonyfield® Organic YoKids Lowfat Yogurt Squeezers and my little one is addicted to the pre-sliced Apple Slices. For me, I always pick up a Wake-up Wrap with egg and cheese.  This wrap is the perfect size for my kids. Each morning they asks for the Wake-up Wrap with egg and cheese. In addition, they also love picking up the oatmeal from the new KIDD PICKS menu. They also have munchkins for special treats for my little ones.

In addition, new beverage options on the KiDD Picks menu include Honest Kids® Organic Juice Pouches, as well as Horizon® Organic Lowfat Milk Boxes. The menu also features kid-friendly Dunkin’ Donuts favorites including the Dunkin’ Donuts’ KIDDs Size Smoothie, which is freshly-prepared with creamy low-fat yogurt and blended with real fruit, served in an extra small size in either Strawberry Banana or Tropical Mango flavors, as well as “Not-Too-Hot” Chocolate, which is a classic Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Chocolate served at a reduced temperature by adding cold milk.

With the holiday season so busy, this gives me the option to hit our favorite Dunkin’ Donuts and let my kids have the independence to pick some of their favorite foods. They love being able to pick a menu that is suited just for them. Not only is it fun for them but it allows them independence which is an important quality to have as growing kids.

If you live in Rhode Island or Bristol County, MA, be sure to check out this FABULOUS KiDD menu today!

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