Indonesian Travel – Experience a Place Like No Other

Indonesian travel is travel to another world. Indonesia a country of beauty and wonder, the likes of which you really can’t find anywhere else. With gorgeous forests, beautiful beaches, and mountainscapes that look like something from another planet, Indonesian travel offers you an entire world to discover in one small country. It really should be on anyone’s bucket list of places to see, and here’s why from traveloka.

Indonesia Travel and the Places You Must See

Indonesia is a world apart on so many levels. It’s a place where jungles meet mountains and sand. It’s a place with bustling cities full of a humming, throbbing life and villages that welcome visitors with open arms. It’s a placed where you can explore the beauty of nature or take in night life like you’ve never known. It’s a place of beauty, whether you love nature or the architectural marvels of human ingenuity. Here are the places you MUST see on your Indonesian trip.


Jakarta is the capitol of Indonesia, and its a gloriously bustling metropolis. Because of its international airport which serves all of Indonesia and major airlines, it’s the first and last top for almost all Indonesian travel. This all go all the time metropolitan area is full of that certain kind of beauty that only a city like this can offer. With the hectic hubbub of day to day city life, amazing architecture, and nightlife featuring incredibly dining and spirits, it’s a must see on your trip.jakarta-kota-train-station

Mount Bromo

While you’re in Indonesia, take the time to visit Mount Bromo located in Bromo-Tenggerr-Semeru National Park. You’ll be able to take in one of the most amazing sights in all of Indonesia, their active and dormant volcanoes. Steam and smoke rise from mountaintops and the ground itself, giving the area an otherworldly feel you won’t find anywhere else.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-12-11-21-pmLake Toba

No Indonesian travel trip should be without a day at Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake. It’s quite, serene backdrop is perfect for a day of good food, a good massage, and a good night’s sleep. It’s calm waters and beautiful terrain make it a must-see in Indonesia.screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-12-11-45-pm


Though crowded, Bali is still definitely worth you time if you visit Indonesia. The congestion of tourism, aside, this place is beautiful. Featuring some of the best beach line in the world, famous temples, and volcanoes, and incredible night life, Bali is worth the hustle and bustle you’ll find there.


Lombok is a lesser visited part of Indonesia. Which makes it the perfect spot to visit while exploring Indonesia. Take in the absolutely stunning beauty of this beach area and enjoy the crystal clear, blue water, surfing amazing waves, and the nearby Gili Islands. It’s a more quiet retreat for action packed Indonesian travel.

Indonesian Travel – Explore the Beauty of This Amazing Island

Indonesian travel is something you must do at some point in your life. The beauty of this island is second to none, as is the diversity of that beauty. Whether you love fine dining and nightlife or heading off the beaten path to enjoy the majestic beauty of nature, there’s something for everyone with Indonesian travel. Also check out the hotel┬áhorison bandung.

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